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 WOW! Magnetic 'Wormhole' That Connects Two Regions of Space Has Been Created

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PostSubject: WOW! Magnetic 'Wormhole' That Connects Two Regions of Space Has Been Created   Sat Sep 05, 2015 8:26 am

WOW! Magnetic 'Wormhole' That Connects Two Regions of Space Has Been Created

Published on Sep 4, 2015

Researchers in Spain have created a tiny magnetic wormhole for the first time ever, and they've used it to connect two regions of space so that a magnetic field can travel 'invisibly' between them.

Before you get too excited, this isn't the same as the gravitational wormholes that allows humans to travel rapidly across space in science fiction TV shows and films such as Stargate, Star Trek, and Interstellar, and it's not able to transport matter. But the physicists managed to create a tunnel that allows a magnetic field to disappear at one point, and then reappear at another, which is still a pretty huge deal.

A wormhole is effectively just a tunnel that connects two places in the Universe. So far scientists have simulated this process, but are nowhere near creating a gravitational wormhole, as it would require us to create huge amounts of gravitational energy - something we don't yet know how to do.

But what physicists are good at is generating and manipulating electromagnetic energy, and so the team from the Autonomous University of Barcelona decided to see if they could build a magnetic wormhole in the lab instead.

Last year they managed to create tunnels that directed magnetic fields from one place to another, but these weren't true wormholes because they didn't keep the magnetic field undetectable or magnetically 'invisible' while it was travelling inside the tunnel.

This is something they've now finally managed to overcome, by using metamaterial and metasurfaces to build their tunnel. That meant that they could make the magnetic field from a source, such as a magnet or an electromagnet, appear at the other end of the wormhole with no trace of it in between.

This created the illusion that the magnetic field must be travelling through some kind of extra dimension. Oddly enough, it also meant that an isolated magnetic monopole - a magnet with only one pole, North or South - appeared randomly at the end of the tunnel.

"This result is strange enough in itself, as magnetic monopoles do not exist in nature," a press release explains. "The overall effect is that of a magnetic field that appears to travel from one point to another through a dimension that lies outside the conventional three dimensions."


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WOW! Magnetic 'Wormhole' That Connects Two Regions of Space Has Been Created
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