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 'This is not a Hebrew roots forum

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PostSubject: 'This is not a Hebrew roots forum   Fri Feb 08, 2013 5:39 pm

I just want to remind everyone that this is a first and foremost Christian forum, not a Hebrew roots Forum. I will not tolerate any more postings that imply that Sunday Sabbath worship, dietary restrictions or commandment keeping etc, is a sin in need of repenting. I am not saying that I am anti-messianic, I am saying that I am against messianic teaching that revives the things that Apostle Peter himself had to deal with , ie - feasts, unclean food, etc. with the intent of telling other forum members that we are in sin if we do not believe that way.

I have tried to be lenient on these matters in the hope that the messianic members would be respectful of the tone of this forum, but it is obvious that some messianic's are really desirous of shoving their belief down the throats of the Christian members here....

In conclusion, I am no longer going to tolerate it, debate, or argue about it. In the future, if I see threads that argue these points I am going to delete them and any members that persist in the argument will be deleted.

I'm not saying you can't post Monte Judah updates or that you can't share your faith but on the subjects of Sabbath, dietary Laws and Commandments etc. These posts will be instanly deleted. Let me repeat, this is not a Hebrew roots forum but all are free to share their love of Yeshua and events leading up to His return. Thank you, DelfI
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'This is not a Hebrew roots forum
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