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 Always about disarming which always has abad ending at 'Their Hands'

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PostSubject: Always about disarming which always has abad ending at 'Their Hands'   Sun Dec 25, 2016 12:33 pm


Blumenthal Delusion on Trump and Guns a Ploy for Attention and Disruption

by David Codrea , December 20, 2016

Only following orders, right guys? So much for their oath, when they willingly appear with Sen. Richard Blumenthal for a photo op aimed at disarming their countrymen. (Sen. Richard Blumenthal Facebook photo)
Calling Congress “complicit” for criminal murders using guns, Connecticut Democrat Sen. Richard Blumenthal called on President-elect Donald Trump to “do the unpredictable” and support citizen disarmament edicts, PJ Media reports.
“It’s a Nixon to China moment for Donald Trump when he can defy the expectation, do the unpredictable – he likes doing the unpredictable – respond to a rally, which he also likes to do, and the rally is the America people who are clamoring and demanding action,” Blumenthal posited at a Capitol Hill rally exploiting families and survivors victimized by violent armed criminals. “Donald Trump has a legacy moment. When he can seize this opportunity, a historic opportunity, do the right thing and adopt these common-sense measures: background checks for every gun purchase, a ban on terrorists buying guns and ending the immunity, the legal immunity, unprecedented, unknown to any other industry for gun manufacturers. These are your ideas, Donald. We’ll give you credit for them.”
In other words, his bright idea is for Trump to betray the constituency that put him in power and embrace rejected policies that lost the election for Hillary Clinton. Blumenthal is suggesting Trump will do his dirty work for him, undermining the Bill of Rights by enacting edicts that are the kiss of political death anywhere but in blue state “progressive” enclaves. That’s what his partner in oath-breaking, Connecticut’s other senator, Chris Murphy unintentionally admitted, all the while trying to put a spin on reality to mask his on-the-ropes desperation.
Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes candidly assessed Blumenthal’s seemingly delusional plea:
Quote :
This is the same as saying, “Do the unpredictable and cut your own political throat by violating your oath and your promise to your supporters to defend the Second Amendment, and act exactly the same as if Hillary had won.” What Trump should do instead is call these oath breaking politicians out as the blood dancers they are, who turn a blind eye to the reality that it is criminal street thugs and gang bangers who are killing each other en-mass in Democratic stronghold “sanctuary cities” such as Chicago [or New Haven, CT for that matter], where the gang-bangers have free reign to rule the streets without having to worry about local people taking out the trash (like the people of Mexico are starting to do with armed citizen patrols), since the law-abiding locals in such Democrat controlled cities are forbidden to carry guns for self defense.
The leftist answer is to always blame the law-abiding, decent gun owners for the gang-bangers’ obsession with violence and murder. They don’t blame the gang culture, and the hip-hop culture that idolizes it, but instead blame the rest of us who don’t run around doing drive-by shootings and gang-land assassinations. And it is us they seek to disarm. And we know why – because they have plans for us that require us to be disarmed before they can be effectively carried out.
So both totalitarian wannabes, Blumenthal and Murphy, are from Connecticut, eh?  The place must be a lost cause, right?
Not if gun owners fighting on the front lines there have anything to say about it.  Many times when documenting the latest in-your-face infringements from drunk-on-power politicians, gun owners will weigh in and condemn the entire state. We’ve all seen comments generalizing and applying blame to California, New Jersey or New York.
That works against liberty. I’ve met some fine Connecticut Bill of Rights defenders, including members of our Connecticut Oath Keepers chapter, and they’re as dedicated a group of patriots as any. The ones with their backs against the wall can be the most committed activists, devoting time, treasure and effort while fighting against overwhelming odds. These people have earned our admiration and gratitude for not giving up, and for showing those of us who don’t have it as bad as they do what it means to not give up. They deserve our encouragement and support.
Those front lines are important, because it’s where the abuses are strongest that significant stands for liberty are made. Connecticut is one of the places a friend and colleague to many of us, the late Mike Vanderboegh, led by example, committing acts of civil disobedience when no other means of peaceable recourse were available. Again, quoting Stewart:
Quote :
I am glad we were able to help Mike with travel expenses on several occasions, so he could speak at important events, such as his speech on the steps of the Connecticut capitol (where he committed his first of many acts of defiance to unjust, unconstitutional anti-gun edicts by oath-breaking politicians), and his speech at the Alamo. I felt it was important to do that, so that people who called themselves “Three Percenters” would know who Mike was, and would listen to his advice and counsel as the founder of that movement on how to do that mission right.
Blumenthal and Murphy are making noise, getting media recognition and appealing to the useful idiots who keep them in power. They’re not really delusional, because they know exactly what they’re doing. They’re saving face and they’re laying the groundwork to make things as disruptive as possible to discourage Trump from keeping campaign promises and to poison public perception when he does.
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PostSubject: Re: Always about disarming which always has abad ending at 'Their Hands'   Sun Dec 25, 2016 12:52 pm


Paul Craig Roberts continues:  “My traditional Christmas column goes back to sometime in the 1990s when I was a newspaper columnist. It has been widely reprinted at home and abroad. Every year two or three readers write to educate me that religion is the source of wars and persecutions. These readers confuse religion with mankind’s abuse of institutions, religious or otherwise. The United States has democratic institutions and legal institutions to protect civil liberties. Nevertheless, we now have a police state. Shall I argue that democracy and civil liberty are the causes of police states?
Some readers also are confused about hypocrisy. There is a vast difference between proclaiming moral principles that one might fail to live up to and proclaiming immoral principles that are all too easy to keep.

Liberty is a human achievement. We have it, or had it, because those who believed in it fought to achieve it. As I explain in my Christmas column, people were able to fight for liberty because Christianity empowered the individual.
The other cornerstone of our culture is the Constitution. Indeed, the United States is the Constitution. Without the Constitution, the United States is a different country, and Americans a different people. This is why assaults on the Constitution by the Bush and Obama regimes are assaults on America that are far worse than any assaults by terrorists. There is not much that we can do about these assaults, but we should not through ignorance enable the assaults or believe the government’s claim that safety requires the curtailment of civil liberty.
In a spirit of goodwill, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a successful New Year.
Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts – The Greatest Gift For All
Christmas is a time of traditions. If you have found time in the rush before Christmas to decorate a tree, you are sharing in a relatively new tradition. Although the Christmas tree has ancient roots, at the beginning of the 20th century only 1 in 5 American families put up a tree. It was 1920 before the Christmas tree became the hallmark of the season. Calvin Coolidge was the first President to light a national Christmas tree on the White House lawn (see photo above).

Gifts are another shared custom. This tradition comes from the wise men or three kings who brought gifts to baby Jesus. When I was a kid, gifts were more modest than they are now, but even then people were complaining about the commercialization of Christmas. We have grown accustomed to the commercialization. Christmas sales are the backbone of many businesses. Gift giving causes us to remember others and to take time from our harried lives to give them thought.
This Has Held The West Together For 2,000 Years
The decorations and gifts of Christmas are one of our connections to a Christian culture that has held Western civilization together for 2,000 years.

In our culture the individual counts. This permits an individual person to put his or her foot down, to take a stand on principle, to become a reformer and to take on injustice.
This empowerment of the individual is unique to Western civilization. It has made the individual a citizen equal in rights to all other citizens, protected from tyrannical government by the rule of law and free speech. These achievements are the products of centuries of struggle, but they all flow from the teaching that God so values the individual’s soul that he sent his son to die so we might live. By so elevating the individual, Christianity gave him a voice.
Formerly only those with power had a voice. But in Western civilization people with integrity have a voice. So do people with a sense of justice, of honor, of duty, of fair play. Reformers can reform, investors can invest, and entrepreneurs can create commercial enterprises, new products and new occupations.
A Land Of Opportunity
The result was a land of opportunity. The United States attracted immigrants who shared our values and reflected them in their own lives. Our culture was absorbed by a diverse people who became one.

In recent decades we have lost sight of the historic achievement that empowered the individual. The religious, legal and political roots of this great achievement are no longer reverently taught in high schools, colleges and universities or respected by our government. The voices that reach us through the millennia and connect us to our culture are being silenced by “political correctness” and “the war on terror.” Prayer has been driven from schools and Christian religious symbols from public life.

But Tyranny Has Reemerged
Constitutional protections have been diminished by hegemonic political ambitions. Indefinite detention, torture, and murder are now acknowledged practices of the United States government. The historic achievement of due process has been rolled back. Tyranny has re-emerged.

Diversity at home and hegemony abroad are consuming values and are dismantling the culture and the rule of law. There is plenty of room for cultural diversity in the world, but not within a single country. A Tower of Babel has no culture. A person cannot be a Christian one day, a pagan the next and a Muslim the day after. A hodgepodge of cultural and religious values provides no basis for law – except the raw power of the pre-Christian past.
All Americans have a huge stake in Christianity. Whether or not we are individually believers in Christ, we are beneficiaries of the moral doctrine that has curbed power and protected the weak.
Power is the horse ridden by evil. In the 20th century the horse was ridden hard, and the 21st century shows an increase in pace. Millions of people were exterminated in the 20th century by National Socialists in Germany and by Soviet and Chinese communists simply because they were members of a race or class that had been demonized by intellectuals and political authority. In the beginning years of the 21st century, hundreds of thousands of Muslims in seven countries have already been murdered and millions displaced in order to extend Washington’s hegemony.

Power that is secularized and cut free of civilizing traditions is not limited by moral and religious scruples. V.I. Lenin made this clear when he defined the meaning of his dictatorship as “unlimited power, resting directly on force, not limited by anything.” Washington’s drive for hegemony over US citizens and the rest of the world is based entirely on the exercise of force and is resurrecting unaccountable power.
Christianity’s emphasis on the worth of the individual makes such power as Lenin claimed, and Washington now claims, unthinkable. Be we religious or be we not, our celebration of Christ’s birthday celebrates a religion that made us masters of our souls and of our political life on Earth. Such a religion as this is worth holding on to even by atheists.
Western Civilization Hangs In The Balance
As we enter into 2017, Western civilization, the product of thousands of years of striving, hangs in the balance. Degeneracy is everywhere before our eyes. As the West sinks into tyranny, will Western peoples defend their liberty and their souls, or will they sink into the tyranny, which again has raised its ugly and all devouring head? … From everyone here at King World News, we want to thank all of our readers and listeners around the world and we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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PostSubject: Re: Always about disarming which always has abad ending at 'Their Hands'   Sun Dec 25, 2016 12:57 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Always about disarming which always has abad ending at 'Their Hands'   

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Always about disarming which always has abad ending at 'Their Hands'
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