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PostSubject: SHAKE IT ALL UP   Wed Dec 28, 2016 10:56 am

Earth quake late night @ 12:22 ... and again @ 1:13, first noon w's just shaking but the second was moving two directions and was stronger.
Found on EQ map first was 5.7 Hawthorn Nevada, 5.6 Hawthorn Nevada, these were over the hill, but travel through rock so they still shake us up at maybe mid 4's.
Hawthorn had one more 5.6 and two 4.0's then a string of lesser 3.5-2's.

Japan had two
@5.9 & 5.3
New Guinea @5.3
So generally after the seismographs all go off because of magnetic fields of course depending on strength one can expect Earth Quake in about 3 days.
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