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PostSubject: CALLING RESEARCHER !   Wed Dec 28, 2016 1:50 pm

ole buddy, in my redneck heart, i am firmly convinced that this is the beginning of the end, and i mean DANIELS LAST WEEK!.....i am of the belief that these next 3 weeks could possibly make things a lot clearer....I believe in a Sovereign God who predestinated and declared the end from the beginning...a God who cannot be made or coerced into doing something that He doesn't want to do and a God who cannot be stopped from doing something if it is His intention to do it.....the last days events cannot be changed, they will happen just like they are described in the bible....If this damned traitorous administration is not stopped, i fear this nation is doomed within the near future....it is my hope that God will intervene, and cause the mossad to take out obama,kerry and anyone else that is participating in this obscene betrayal of Israel....if this doesn't happen, i pray that God will be patient until trump gets in office


just read this s***!!!!! if there was any doubt that these bastards aren't evil, this should open the eyes of the doubters.....if you don't have supplies put back to sustain you for a while, i suggest that you stock up and have enough ammo to protect yourself.....i don't lose my cool, generally, but i don't like what happening right now one bit, and keeping from having apocalyptic thoughts just isn't easy....
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