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 DHS creates the 'National Livestock Readiness Program' to control our food supply

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PostSubject: DHS creates the 'National Livestock Readiness Program' to control our food supply   Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:20 pm


DHS creates the 'National Livestock Readiness Program' to control our food supply

Source: Mass Private I


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DHS wants to control our food supply, this sounds like a 'fake news' story but unfortunately it's all too real.

Last year, DHS gave the National Agricultural Biosecurity Center (NABC) $331,118 to develop the 'National Livestock Readiness Program'.

Don't we already have two government agencies that control disease outbreaks in animals?

The government created the FDA and the USDA to control disease, foodborne pathogens etc., why do we need a national livestock program run by DHS? (click here to read about mad cow disease.)

The very name Department of Homeland Security should give people pause. Many of us have watched DHS turn America into a police state ruled by fear. DHS has created fear of each other (See Something Say Something) fear of drugs, fear of drunk & drugged driving, fear of terror and now fear of hate crimes.

The endless wars and fear of everything is the only reason DHS exists.

DHS and the Feds to control our food supply

None of us could have imagined DHS controlling our food supply.

"The program also entails extensive collaboration of academia, private industry and state governments. The center is collaborating with the Kansas Department of Agriculture to build relationships with other state departments of agriculture to ensure adoption of best emergency planning and management practices."

"NABC has extensive experience developing, implementing, and managing research projects and training programs for multiple state and federal agencies — ranging from the U.S. Departments of Defense, Agriculture, and Homeland Security — to the intelligence community."


"NABC is dedicated to increasing public awareness of agro-terrorism and developing solutions for improving agricultural and food production safeguards."

Americans have something else to fear: 'agro-terrorism.' Where does the lunacy end?

How long, before DHS monitors what we're allowed to eat and how much food we're allowed to purchase?

Do you think it's a coincidence, that it's illegal to film animal abuse?  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who's behind it. (click here & here to find out more.)

Where's the mass media coverage of DHS controlling our food supply? The mass media rails about fake news, but won't report on DHS creating a National Livestock program? The joke is on all of us, if we let DHS control our food.

The dangers DHS poses to our freedom are all too real, click here, here and here to find out more.

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DHS creates the 'National Livestock Readiness Program' to control our food supply
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