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 Tim Alberino: The UnHoly See

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PostSubject: Tim Alberino: The UnHoly See   Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:46 pm

Tim Alberino: The UnHoly See

Published on Mar 20, 2017

Tim Alberino says “Official Disclosure” is coming. And it may be coming soon. The latest episode in the True Legends series has now become the most requested DVD in the history of the Prophecy Watchers—and for good reason. Learn about the unexplored, underground cities on the island of Malta. See the massive, megalithic structures of Peru from ground zero—amazing, supernatural creations that can’t be duplicated today. Learn about the Vatican’s high-powered binocular telescope atop Mt. Graham in Arizona (they nicknamed it Lucifer!) and their search for extraterrestrial life. Underground treasure hunts? A black market for the bones of the Genesis 6 giants? Elongated skulls and hidden tunnels? Beware—this interview may change your entire worldview. Seriously, I couldn’t look away!

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Tim Alberino: The UnHoly See
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