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 More cool stuff about September 22

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PostSubject: More cool stuff about September 22   Fri Apr 14, 2017 1:17 pm

Hello everyone! So in continuing with my Hobbit day/rapture theme,  I had a new insight today.  It occurred to me to look up the equivalent of September 22 in the Hebrew calendar and lo and behold it happens to be the 25th of  Elul!!! How crazy is it that,that day marks the beginning of creation, the day that the Lord said let there be light. We know the sun wasn't even created until four days later and that he meant the light of the world, the Lord Jesus. Well this year. September 22 falls on the last day of Rosh Hashanah, which we all knew.  But finding out that the first day of creation falls on the day of the last Trump is a mind bender for me. So here is where I connected with the Lord of the rings for no other reason than because it was the Lord of the rings that piqued my curiosity about this day in the first place. 
In the Lord of the rings the very first thing that happens is that Bilbo puts on the ring at his birthday party and disappears right in front of everyone. He then leaves for his trip to Rivendell. A place of rest. 
In the Lord of the rings the last book, is the Return of the King. Lord Aragorn takes over his rightful place as the King of Gondor and the hobbits go home and proceed to set the Shire to rights after Sharkey almost completely destroys it. MErry and Pippin somewhat changed from drinking the Entwater. Taller than most Hobbits.  
So Tolkien definitely allegorized the Bible in his books but he also allegorized the return of Jesus for his bride and the setting up of the Kingdom.  
So along with this being the 120 th Jubilee and the 70 yrs since Israel became a nation and countless other date time  oddities.  I'm more excited than ever! God bless all of you.

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More cool stuff about September 22
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