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 Docs @ Link:: ALERT !!! Feds to Conduct "Operation Gotham Shield" Simulating 10kt Nuke Detonation over NYC/NJ Next Mon. & Tues.!

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PostSubject: Docs @ Link:: ALERT !!! Feds to Conduct "Operation Gotham Shield" Simulating 10kt Nuke Detonation over NYC/NJ Next Mon. & Tues.!   Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:54 am

Feds to Conduct "Operation Gotham Shield" Simulating 10kt Nuke Detonation over NYC/NJ Next Mon. & Tues.!   Featured  

Post by  Newsroom    - Apr 19, 2017  



A Joint Operation, code named Gotham Shield is scheduled for Apr. 24 & 25.  The premise of this simulated crisis will be the detonation of a 10,000-ton nuclear device in the air over northeastern New Jersey.
The electromagnetic pulse (EMP) caused by the detonation of this device will cause the disabling of most telephone, internet, and other electronic devices in a 20 kilometer radius around the detonation site.
Operation Gotham Shield is a joint exercise with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), Military Auxiliary Radio Service (MARS), Department of Defense (Dod), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Red Cross in NY & NJ.  MARS is headquartered at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, and assigned to the Headquarters, United States Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM).
A military document obtained by SuperStation95 shows the role of Amateur Radio (HAM Radio) operators will be to report -- on a county-by-county basis -- the status of:

  • Electrical Power 
  • Municipal Water Service 
  • Sanitation Services 
  • Medical Facility 
  • Communications 
  • Transportation 

The information about whether such services are "fully operational, rolling outages, partial availability or completely destroyed" will be transmitted to NORAD and to the National Command Authority.
The problem with this "exercise" is that, many times in the past, federal "exercises" have become actual events! A scanned image of the document appears below, click image to enlarge:


Two Days Before 9/11, Military Exercise Simulated Suicide Hijack Targeting New York 

The US military conducted a training exercise in the five days before the September 11 attacks that included simulated aircraft hijackings by terrorists, according to a 9/11 Commission document recently found in the US National Archives. In one of the scenarios, implemented on September 9, terrorists hijacked a London to New York flight, planning to blow it up with explosives over New York.
The undated document, entitled “NORAD EXERCISES Hijack Summary,” was part of a series of 9/11 Commission records moved to the National Archives at the start of the year. It was found there, and posted to the 9/11 Document Archive at Scribd, by History Commons contributor paxvector, in the files of the commission’s Team 8, which focused on the failed emergency response on the day of the attacks. The summary appears to have been drafted by one of the commission’s staffers, possibly Miles Kara, based on documents submitted by NORAD.

In the September 9 scenario, the fictitious terrorists’ goal seems to have been to kill New Yorkers with the rain of debris following the plane’s explosion. However, in the exercise, the military intercepted the plane and forced it away from the city. When the terrorists realized they were not near New York, they blew the plane up “over land near the divert location,” leaving no survivors. The military unit most involved in this scenario was NORAD’s Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS), which also played a key role in the air defense response to the 9/11 attacks, two days later.
Numerous Hijacks Listed
Three days earlier, on September 6, NORAD simulated two hijackings as part of the same exercise, which was called “Vigilant Guardian.” In one scenario, a fictitious terrorist organization called Mum Hykro hijacked a Boeing 747 from Tokyo to the US and made a “threat of harm to passengers and possibly large population within US or Canada.” The terrorists intended to “rain terror from the skies onto a major US city unless the US declares withdrawal from Asian conflict.” The plane is listed as being bound for Anchorage, Alaska, although the hijackers changed course for Vancouver in Canada, and then for San Francisco, California. Liaising with the FAA, NORAD provided “covert shadowing” of the hijacked plane.

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In a second hijack scenario on the same day, ten members of another fictitious terrorist group, called Lin Po, hijacked another 747 to Anchorage, this time out of Seoul, South Korea. The hijackers were armed, their weapons having been smuggled onto the plane by ground crews before takeoff. They also had gas containers that could be detonated. Two of the plane’s passengers were killed, and the CIA and NSA warned that the group had the means to pull off an attack with chemical and biological weapons. In response, NORAD’s commander in chief ordered fighters from the Alaskan NORAD Region (ANR) to intercept and shadow the hijacked plane, and get into “position to shoot down aircraft.”

Another scenario included in the Vigilant Guardian exercise was run the day before 9/11, although this followed the more traditional scenario of Cubans hijacking a flight from Havana and demanding to be taken to New York for political asylum in the US. This scenario involved the participation of NORAD’s Southeast Air Defense Sector (SEADS), and the plane eventually landed at Dobbins Air Force Base in Georgia.
The document lists hijack exercises going back to 1998, several of which had involved internal flights, originating in the US. For example, a January 1999 exercise included the simulated takeover of a Miami to Oklahoma City flight and the hijacking of a San Diego to Anchorage flight the next day.
At the release of the 9/11 Commission Report in July 2004, the panel’s chairman Tom Kean famously said that the main reason the 9/11 attacks were not prevented was that there had been a “failure of imagination.” However, the hijack simulation planners were really quite imaginative and in several of the scenarios the hijackers had WMD actually on board the aircraft. For example, in a September 1999 exercise, hijackers on a 747 bound from Hong Kong to Canada had sarin gas on board, and threatened to blow up the plane. An exercise the following month included the simulation of a terrorist group hijacking a plane with American and Canadian citizens on board. The plane was bound from France to Canada, and the terrorist group was said to have the “will and means to strike North America with WMD.” Communications with the plane were lost following the hijacking, but the crew overpowered the terrorists and regained control of the plane at the last second.
An exercise in October 1998 included terrorists hijacking a 747 with the intent of committing a “suicide run into [a] metropolitan area of” San Francisco. And an October 2000 exercise included the simulated hijacking of a plane bound from London to Cairo. The scenario was that “100 religious fanatics will take over the aircraft,” but the “aircraft will land at JFK [airport in New York] without incident and [the] FBI will escort [the] hijackers.”
Perhaps the most imaginative scenario, part of a June 2001 exercise, had a Colombian cartel making a deal with a Haitian AIDS victim to carry out a suicide attack with a private aircraft against a SEADS command and control node. Alerted by the FBI, the military had to “work to keep aircraft from impacting SEADS.” The document ominously states that the “scenario fruition” was “up to Blue Forces,” meaning the group playing the US defenders in the exercise.

Although it is not listed in the document, there was also a simulated plane hijacking scheduled to take place in the Northeast US on the day of 9/11, and its timing overlapped with the real-world events. According to Vanity Fair, “The day’s exercise was designed to run a range of scenarios, including a ‘traditional’ simulated hijack in which politically motivated perpetrators commandeer an aircraft, land on a Cuba-like island, and seek asylum.”
When NEADS was informed of the first real-world hijacking, members of its staff initially assumed this was part of the exercise. For example, Master Sergeant Maureen Dooley, the leader of the ID section, told the other members of her team: “We have a hijack going on. Get your checklists. The exercise is on.” Major Kevin Nasypany, the mission crew commander, actually said out loud, “The hijack’s not supposed to be for another hour.” Like the numerous hijacking scenarios described in the “NORAD EXERCISES” document, there was no mention of this simulated hijacking scheduled for the morning of September 11 in the 9/11 Commission Report.
Clearly, further investigation is required to verify the extraordinary details revealed in the “NORAD EXERCISES” document, and in particular find out what else the September 2001 Vigilant Guardian exercise involved. The fact that this exercise included simulations of terrorists hijacking aircraft, and that New York City was central to some of its scenarios, should serve as a warning of what might actually take place in the upcoming "Gotham Shield" simulated nuclear detonation on April 24 & 25.
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PostSubject: Here’s why black-outs in 3 major US cities were almost certainly related   Sun Apr 23, 2017 5:09 pm

Here’s why black-outs in 3 major US cities were almost certainly related
Adam Garrie

SEE LINK FOR fase boook links + vids


Yesterday, morning power black-outs hit three major US cities in two time zones. Areas of New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles were hit by the still unexplained power cuts.

San Francisco’s power supply is controlled by Pacific Gas and Electric, most of Los Angeles is controlled by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power while other areas are controlled by Southern California Edison and much of New York City is controlled by ConEdison.
In other words, the power systems of the three cities, all of which are either far or very far from one another are not connected in any way.
This leaves only two logical possibilities and one illogical possibility, which incidentally is the one that the mainstream media is running with.
1. Coordinated black-out safety drill/test
Many anti-terrorist experts know that one of the most effective ways to cause havoc in a major US city, especially one as de-centralised as Los Angeles and other west coast cities, is to meddle with the power supply or do anything else to  cause chaos on the roads. Power cuts can also be employed by terrorists to cause difficulties in a dense and centralised US city like New York.
Because of this, the events of yesterday morning may have been a coordinated safety drill, executed covertly to see how citizens and the security services could cope.
As it was, the New York Subway and San Francisco BART metro system experienced severe delays as did other forms of public transport. Traffic was also a total mess. For a while power was completely lost at parts of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) one of the busiest airports in the world.
However, there were no riots and no injuries, this was possibly due to the fact that the power-cuts did not last for a highly extended period of time.
The black-outs lasted for the longest in San Francisco, the smallest of the three major cities involved.
2. Terrorism 
It would be both foolish and dangerous to rule out terrorism. There is every possibility that foreign or domestic terrorists managed to either digitally hack-in or covertly penetrate crucial equipment that controls the electricity in three major US cities. There is also a real possibility that a combinational of digital and physical hacks were employed.
Perhaps the terrorists too were doing their own ‘drill’ to see how much chaos they could inflict with their devious tactics.
Because the events were almost certainly not a coincidence, it is essential that the possibility of terrorism should be investigated. If a terrorist agency is found responsible for this act, it would represent the most geographically widespread (though of course not the most deadly) terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11.
3. An Illogical Possibility 
It is theoretically possible that three different cities, across two time-zones and states, whose power companies are unrelated, whose weather patterns are unrelated, whose ruling local governments are unrelated and whose systems of public transport are largely different, could all have experienced technical failures in their power production and/or distribution facilities on the same day, all in the morning hours.
The likelihood of this however, is incredibly slim. It was almost certainly related in one way or another, and because mutual technical failures would be coincidental, this only leaves the options of a malicious attack or a coordinated test/drill as the more statistically realistic possibilities.
Both the Federal Government and the mainstream media have behaved appallingly.
The US mainstream media have not questioned what lies behind this and are taking the non-explanations from local power companies and local authorities at face value. This is not journalism.
The Federal Government has remained largely silent on an issue that has crossed state borders. Unless it was a covert safety drill, the event represents a national embarrassment for the United States.
The idea that New York’s Subway System and Los Angeles International Airport do not have fully capable back-up generator systems is both appalling and disgraceful in the world’s wealthiest nation.
It vindicates much of what Donald Trump said during his campaign about America’s third-world style infrastructure,

But where is Trump today? Where is anyone in the Federal government after three major US cities have been publicly disgraced on an international stage?
If it was a drill there should have been at least some fair warning in addiction to a subsequent explanation. If it was terrorism or some other sort of malicious hack, it should force an immediate investigation, arrests should be made and the the infrastructure should be upgraded immediately.
Donald Trump was right, spend less money on foreign meddling/wars and pump money into America’s declining infrastructure. Where has that Donald Trump gone?
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Docs @ Link:: ALERT !!! Feds to Conduct "Operation Gotham Shield" Simulating 10kt Nuke Detonation over NYC/NJ Next Mon. & Tues.!
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