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 Make of it what you want, they are all full so even an earthquake would do it!

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PostSubject: Make of it what you want, they are all full so even an earthquake would do it!   Wed May 03, 2017 3:09 pm


Sabotage at the Oroville Dam-Failure Could be Imminent (Part 1)


Sabotage of the Oroville Dam

For the past six months, Paul Preston, as well as dam expert, Chriss Street, and myself have been on top of reporting on the dire condition of the Oroville Dam. The dam is in a very dire state and cannot survive the natural conditions of wear and tear which threaten the dam’s structural integrity. Spring runoff will eventually prove enough of a challenge to cause the dam to fail according expert, Chriss Street.
As previously covered on The Common Sense Show, the failure of the dam will initially be associated with the following events:

  1. There are approximately 2.5 million people which could have their collective lives endangered.
  2. The area between the Oroville Dam and Sacramento is the second large rice producer in the world. It is the largest producer of winter crop vegetables.
  3. In the event of a catastrophic dam failure, nothing would grow in the Central Valley for 4 to 5 years except for algae.

Can you say the word, FAMINE? Or, DEPOPULATION? Or, ….?

Revelations from a Previous Investigation

The Gulf Oil Spill

Following the Gulf Oil Spill, I wrote a seven-part series called, The Great Gulf Coast Holocaust. In this series I painstakingly detailed how this “accident”, was really no accident at all. In fact, I saw the same governmental behaviors as I am presently seeing in the Central Valley. Namely, we witnessed the world’s largest artificial creation of algae along the coastline of the Gulf Coast states.
During the recovery and treatment phase of the Gulf, BP, over the objections of the EPA, used the highly dangerous oil treatment called Corexit. Corexit is so dangerous to human life that it is banned in 17 countries. So, why was it allowed? Corexit forces the oxygen into the water column. The net effect is that the only thing that grows is the new popular biofuel, algae. In fact, in the Gulf, people like Soros and Gore began showing us and investing in of all things, algae farms along the coast.
What I discovered three years is when the dams are destroyed in NO CAL, the only thing that will grow for several years will be algae. What an amazing coincidence.
One interesting side-note has to do with who is behind the destruction of the dams. It is none other than the former Secretary of the Interior, Bruce Babbitt, who opposed all dams in his tenure in office. In the case of the destruction of dams in NO CAL, Babbitt has helped Governor Jerry Brown in this endeavor. Hi partner in crime, to this  end, is none other than John Podesta. So we have the dam buster joining forces with the child molester.  This is the motivation behind these seemingly unconnected events.

Sabotage at Oroville

I received several notifications that there is the blasting of dynamite in the Oroville area. Both Paul Preston and I have received numerous threats to this area through blasting. With a structurally weakened dam, this could prove to be the tipping point. The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) does not deny the claim. I was contacted by an insider from DWR who is distraught over the blasting.  He said he fears for his life. Here is a tweet that addresses the blasting.
Quote :
Oroville Dam @Oroville_Dam
“Controlled blasting” for spillway hillside excavation, beginning Friday, April 21st: http://www.water.ca.gov/news/newsreleases/2017/042017_oroville_construction.pdf …#OrovilleSpillway #OrovilleDam
8:26 PM – 20 Apr 2017


 This is pure insanity and could definitely trigger a catastrophic response.
Further, there is one more claim being made. It is the belief of many, including Paul Preston and myself, that HAARP is also being used.
I have received numerous communications which are talking about a hum in the community in the picture, below, on the upper right hand side of the photo.  These people are complaining that they have migraines after hearing a consistently low humming noise. The animals are impacted and many of the people are having trouble sleeping at night in this area called the Kelly Ridge area.




The destruction of the dam shoud no longer be considered just an “act of God”. The weight of the evidence is clearly pointing to intentional negligence and even overt sabotage!
The supporting evidence is so voluminous, I have made the decision to break this report up into two distinct parts. The second part of this report will include clear and concise evidence whcih shows thow HAARP can be used. Further, the expert testimony of people who are experts on dams and dam failures will be presented to demonstrate that the failure of this dam is imminent. Among the issues discussed will be a more detailed and scientific analysis of the blasting as well as HAARP’s potential role thorugh a presentation of evidence from both the patent of HAARP and documents supporting the science behind these claims from “Air Force Owning the Weather 2025”.
Below, I have created a video which summarizes these events as well as a look ahead to what is coming in Part Two of this series on the Sabotage of the Oroville Dam.

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Make of it what you want, they are all full so even an earthquake would do it!
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