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 Dr. Walter Martin

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PostSubject: Dr. Walter Martin   Mon May 29, 2017 7:20 pm

after a full morning of working, and i mean WORKING, i ate lunch (dinner to any other rednecks on here) after taking a much needed shower, and my wife and i made a churn of sauerkraut....i grow giant cabbage in my garden, up to almost 30 lbs....we made a 3 gallon churn of "kraut" out of one and 1/3 cabbage.....the whole one weighed slightly more than 25 lbs and the second one was almost that big....anyway, we spent a great afternoon listening to dr. walter martin of "kingdom of the cults" fame, on old tv shows and recordings, literally destroy the various cults from the JW's to the so-called "church of christ"....he was barred from ever being on tbn after he went after them on their network programming!....very few left like this man.....if you want to listen to  serious Christian and bible apologist, just go to youtube and do a search for videos of him.....they are plentiful....you'll be glad that you did, unless you are a member of, or subscribe to a bible cult theology
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PostSubject: Good to Know   Mon May 29, 2017 9:24 pm

Thanks Michael371.  I've seen documentation of those cabbages  of yours and I am a believer .  Smile  In fact, your whole garden is flat amazing !!
 Also, I'm looking forward to researching  what this fellow you mentioned speaks of. It 's just what I need after  hearing  and listening  to what little is available over the air - I was getting pretty agitated at what little "good stuff" I had been hearing- This fellow seems to speak what I quest  . Thanks again for the  information- I will check this guy out  -
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Dr. Walter Martin
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