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 Brent Miller: Decoding the Future

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PostSubject: Brent Miller: Decoding the Future   Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:21 am

Brent Miller: Decoding the Future

Published on Aug 2, 2017

The book of Revelation is the Bible’s most mysterious book. And probably the most examined, maligned and misunderstood. What a joy to have two dedicated Christian filmmakers with us to discuss the entire book of Revelation with us, chapter by chapter, and examine the futuristic prophecies of the Bible together. Brent Miller & his son, Brent Jr. have produced this extraordinary, 10-hour DVD series, Decoding the Future, beautifully designed for personal or group study use. Traveling to the Middle East and to the Land of the Bible, the producers of The Final Prophecies and The Coming Convergence films secured a real Bible prophecy expert to play a major part in this great teaching series—Gary Stearman! See this book come alive in ways you could never imagine!

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Brent Miller: Decoding the Future
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