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 Under the Radar: N Korean Special Forces Master Paraglider Attacks

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PostSubject: Under the Radar: N Korean Special Forces Master Paraglider Attacks   Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:20 am

we got your back.. protect & serve us, which "us"?

Pedophilia Network of Cops Busted Raping and Filming Cadets to Make Child Porn

A pedophile network has recently been uncovered involving police officers and cadets in the Explorers program which connects teens who want to be police officers with cops.

 Jack Burns
 October 7, 2017

Betts and Woods were reported to be best friends and were good friends with Flaherty, their accused protector. According to many former explorers, Woods would often hang out with the young boys outside of the program and take them on camping trips. His behavior as a mentor in the program was also questionable as he reportedly got drunk on at least one occasion and leaned against the young men.
In October of 2016, when allegations surfaced Woods raped a young teenage boy, he was stripped of his policing powers following an investigation by Flaherty’s Public Integrity Unit. It wasn’t until Betts was indicted that Woods was fired by Conrad in April.
As a result of the ongoing investigation, a fourth officer was placed on reassignment following an allegation from a female victim (who was once an explorer and is now an adult) she was also abused. Officer Brad Schuhmann stands accused by the victim and is the latest officer to be officially embroiled in the sex scandal involving pedophile cops and teens in the Explorer program.
The Explorer program is an affiliate of the Boy Scouts of America and, according to a Courier-Journal investigation going all the way back to 1974, has been at the center of sex scandal controversies involving cops and teenage cadets. As TFTP has reported, a vast pedophilia network is at work in the United States involving some of the most trusted members of society. As a result, few are ever held accountable for their actions and crimes against children. Using news databases, court records and other sources the Courier-Journal concluded.
► The Boy Scouts of America affiliate that runs the Explorer program has let police departments police themselves and failed to adopt some safeguards.
► Some department chiefs have ignored warning signs and minimized allegations.
► Ride-alongs in police cruisers have allowed law enforcement advisers to groom and abuse victims in one-on-one settings.
► Advisers have used their positions to exploit vulnerable teens who look up to them as mentors.
► Many offenders received only slight punishments, in part because of questions about whether victims had consented.
► Victims say their trust was violated and their dreams of law enforcement careers shattered.
In April, when residents of Rolling Hills learned their “Code Enforcement” official had been charged with raping a teenage boy, they demanded he be fired. He was. Both Betts and Woods are facing decades in prison for charges of sexual abuse, and sodomy against one of the teenage cadets they were sworn to protect.
The criminal charges were filed against the two officers after the male victim known as “N.C.” filed a civil suit in Marchagainst the two men and Flaherty. The suit alleged the two officers began having sex with N.C. while he was 17 and continued doing so until he was 19 and that those sex acts were filmed for the purposes of creating pornography.
We at TFTP call on anyone and everyone who has ever been abused by any police officer within the Louisville Police Department to come forward with their story. It is the age of reckoning and the pedophile network of abusers and protectors needs to be broken. The RCFOP should be ashamed of itself. Instead of demanding that its officers report crimes to their superiors, by filing a lawsuit preventing officers from testifying, they have given the public the impression those potential crimes should remain hidden.
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Under the Radar: N Korean Special Forces Master Paraglider Attacks
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