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 Sweden Completely Insane

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PostSubject: Sweden Completely Insane   Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:27 am


Sweden Completely InsaneMilitary, Firemen, Cops To Wear Hijabs
BY IWB · OCTOBER 11, 2017

Amid a hot debate over whether it’s acceptable for public servants and government officials to wear religious clothing, a Swedish designer has created uniform Islamic veils for the military and the fire department with the hope of encouraging Muslim women into those professions.

In 2011, Iman Aldebe created a stir by designing the first uniform veil for the Swedish police. The headdress was accepted despite the critical reaction, as many argued that the police should not send religious messages.
Now, the 32-year-old Jordanian-Swedish designer took a further step forward and has designed uniform Islamic veils to be worn by military personnel and firefighters, both of which turned out to be very optimistic about the idea, according to the Swedish newspaper Göteborgs-Posten.

“I’ve been in dialogue with them, as the veils must not pose any fire risks and the like. But they are very positive about this,” Iman Aldebe told Göteborgs-Posten.



Quote :

Iman Aldebe @ImanAldebe
[ltr]Norm Form presents The Police Hijab, Military Hijab and The Firefighter Hijab by Iman Aldebe during @ArkDesC exhibition #Normform[/ltr]

5:38 AM - Oct 8, 2017

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Sweden Completely Insane
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