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 The dirty secret behind the craziness.

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PostSubject: The dirty secret behind the craziness.   Sat Nov 04, 2017 10:30 am

You guys can believe it or you can dismiss it, that is up to you.   This is the driving force of the occultic seed of the serpent religion.   This is hard to come to terms with, but reprobation is a permanent condition and has a different mindset and value system


SECRETS AND TRUTHS ARE ALL COMING OUT NOW FOLKS! The Menendez brothers were driven to murder.
"Not Shown On TV - The Strangest Tie In Of All Time "
Back in the 80's, there was a very powerful record executive. He was part of the day to day group of people managing the careers of this Spanish speaking boy band. He was also the first in that group of people who said the boy band members should be rotated frequently. Why? There was the story for public consumption and then there was the truth. The men all liked having sex with teen boys and rotating them kept them fresh and also kept them on edge when they would be leaving. It was during this time period that the executive started working on some soundtracks for movies.
At the label where he worked, he had to do more than deal with the boy band and rape their members. The label had been big in Old Hollywood with soundtracks but was not having much success in the 80's One notable exception was a soundtrack from one of their own artists who was also making a movie. Anyway, shortly after that movie came out, our executive was talking to movie producers and seeing how this label could be a part of their movie. At a party he was introduced to this actor who was foreign born. He had just started making his second movie after starring on a television show for tweens. Our actor would go on to be A list and was a definite heartthrob of the decade. At this party, the movie producer offered up the actor to the record executive. Apparently the two had sex. How do we know they had sex? Well, a few years later, this record executive made the news in a very big way. Not the way he probably would have hoped. His wife probably hoped not to make the news in that way either. The husband and wife are pretty big again this fall.
Anyway, when the big news happened, our actor said to more than one person that he had hooked up with the record executive in a cabana next to the pool at the movie producer's house. Oh, and that movie producer who is permanently A+ list was passing off this actor when the actor was 14 or 15. Yeah, and also having raping him on an almost daily basis.

  • Record executive: Jose Menendez (he and his wife Kitty were murdered by their sons Lyle and Erik) ("Law & Order True Crime")
  • Spanish speaking boy band: "Menudo"
  • Old Hollywood label/actress/movie: RCA/Whitney Houston/"The Bodyguard"
  • Foreign born actor: Ricky Martin
  • Movie: "Más que alcanzar una estrella"
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The dirty secret behind the craziness.
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