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 The new void discovered in Great Pyramid

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PostSubject: The new void discovered in Great Pyramid   Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:56 pm

I have been thinking about the void they claim to have found in the Great Pyramid and I have come up with an idea, how they raised those granite blocks and could it be that simple? I know, my wife has already told me I have far to much time on my hands and wouldn't it be better if I finished off the back lawn before winter sets in.
She does have a point I suppose!!!!!

Below a pic of where they say the void is located

now a picture I have made showing the void filled with water, its worth noting that the small shaft runs directly to the void.

Here is a view looking up the main gallery, there are two levels, with the top one having ledges either side.

if they had a trolley that could hold water made out of wood and placed it on the top ledges then placed it at the top of the ramp so that it could be filled with water and connected rope down to the bottom of the shaft and tied it to a granite block, then when the trolley reached capacity it would roll down the shaft pulling the block upwards.

my crude diagram of how it would look

Ok but that would still leave a few problems, 
a:how to get the blocks to the pyramid
b:how to get the water up to the resevoir

If they created a canal with a gate from the nile to the base of the pyramid for barges to float down, then they could then just let the water flow away creating a good way of irrigating the land for crops.

As for how to get the water up. I have looked up on the internet and the easiest way seems to be, if you created a pipe out of animal skins or made a pipe out of bamboo all you have to do is prime the pipe and as you drain water out of the reservoir at the top the vacuum would pull the equal amount up to refill. The shafts in the chamber could act as gates for on and off.
I do not know if you can get bamboo there but I have heard scientists say they found cocaine in the mummies and that comes from South America, perhaps they traded

I found a picture on the net to illustrate how to raise the water.

once the bottom two thirds were complete they could use the shaft on the opposite side to pull the remaining blocks up around the outside edge and fill the centre in with hard core.

Using this method you could raise the blocks as fast as you could fill the trolley.

Standing by, ready to be shot down in flames lol, dean
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PostSubject: Re: The new void discovered in Great Pyramid   Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:09 pm

That is an interesting concept jigsaw. Sounds plausible.
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The new void discovered in Great Pyramid
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