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 DC March for Truth Saturday-yesterday

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PostSubject: DC March for Truth Saturday-yesterday   Sun Apr 08, 2018 10:46 am

They met the President!  Surprised!
Just a slight nightmare for SS.


There are more vids out there as well.

Sooo...qresearch board is completely bent out of shape.  lol.

Tracy Beanz started with CBTS-'calm before the storm'-and with a yt channel.
When the CBTS board on reddit got taken down they started the "Patriots soapbox' on yt.  That's the one that Corsi participates in to analyze Q posts put up on qresearch, and before on 'Great Awakening' which is now dead due to attack.

Anyway, most in qresearch did not realize 'soapbox' was out there or planning a DC march.
So instead of unity we immediately have division. 

QRESEARCH should be deleting the garbage posts imo if anyone is going to be coming from the 'normal' world to learn about Q.  1/2 the posts are disgraceful, if not vile.

Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.   1 John 4:4
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DC March for Truth Saturday-yesterday
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