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 The Face on Mars comic on top the Antares Pyramid

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PostSubject: The Face on Mars comic on top the Antares Pyramid   Tue Jul 10, 2018 3:22 am

The Face on Mars comic came out in Sept. 1958, 4 months after I was born. 47 years later Sept. 5 2005 to the day, God got into my mind, and told me their was more to Cydonia Mars then what NASA was showing and telling. I was at the age of 47, and it was Revelation 4:7 that I was shown. Well looking at the sky Sept.5 1958, your view point from Mars. The Earth/Moon is on top of the Antares Pyramid. Like so many dates I have shown you all.

  1. Ezekiel 12:25
  2. ‘“For I myself, Jehovah, shall speak what word I shall speak, and it will be Done. 

  3. From the first Bible I ever read. study

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The Face on Mars comic on top the Antares Pyramid
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