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 The Practices of Baal

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PostSubject: The Practices of Baal   Tue Sep 11, 2018 12:18 pm

Put your "i am not illiterate" glasses on folks. We're going to take a stroll through the land of Oz. Some "terms" require definition and that will be done in future posts.

The following is what happens to beautiful, innocent babies placed into the hands of Baal (from Black's 5th):

Bail v. To procure release of one charged with an offense by insuring his future attendance in court and compelling him to remain within jurisdiction of court. To deliver the defendant to persons who, in the manner prescribed by law, become securi­ty for his appearance in court. To set at liberty a person arrested or imprisoned, on security being tak­en for his appearance on a day and a place certain, which security is called "bail," because the party arrested or imprisoned is delivered into the hands of those who bind themselves for his forthcoming. See also Release on own recognizance.

The object of "bail" in civil cases is either directly or indirectly to secure payment of a debt or perform­ance of other civil duties, while in criminal cases object is to secure appearance of principal before the court when his presence is needed. In its more ancient signification, the word includes the de­livery of property, real or personal, by one person to another.

Mom and/or the doctor deliver babies. To be continued ...
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The Practices of Baal
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