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 C SPRING'S SEPT.-14 = A Record 7 Named Storms Are Swirling Across The Globe & BORDER INVASION !!! &

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PostSubject: C SPRING'S SEPT.-14 = A Record 7 Named Storms Are Swirling Across The Globe & BORDER INVASION !!! &   Fri Sep 14, 2018 11:22 am

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  1. A Record 7 Named Storms Are Swirling Across The Globe – Has ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ Arrived?

  5. Something Huge Is Coming: Rapid Series Of Events Shows Groups Are 'Pulling Out All The Stops' To Manipulate Midterm Elections
  7. DEEP STATE: John Kerry Held Meetings With Iran – Advised Them To ‘Wait Out’ Trump Presidency
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PostSubject: A Record 7 Named Storms Are Swirling Across The Globe – Has ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ Arrived?   Fri Sep 14, 2018 11:24 am


A Record 7 Named Storms Are Swirling Across The Globe – Has ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ Arrived?
Michael Snyder
September 14th, 2018
The Economic Collapse
 This report was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse

Is something extremely unusual happening to our planet? At this moment, Hurricane Florence is just one of seven named storms that are currently circling the globe. That matches the all-time record, and it looks like that record will be broken very shortly as a couple more storms continue to develop. Back in 2004, a Hollywood blockbuster entitled “The Day After Tomorrow” depicted a world in which weather patterns had gone mad. One of the most impressive scenes showed nearly the entire planet covered by hurricane-type storms all at once. Of course things are not nearly as bad as in that film, but during this hurricane season we have definitely seen a very unusual number of hurricanes and typhoons develop. As our planet continues to change, could this become “the new normal”?
As I mentioned above there are currently seven named storms that are active, but an eighth is about to join them, and that would break the all-time record…
Quote :
The Hurricane season is causing devastation from the Pacific to the Atlantic as seven active storms are currently swirling across the globe – with high chances an eighth powerful storm will soon develop to break an all-time record.
And actually there is an additional storm that is also developing in the Pacific which could bring the grand total to nine.
Overall, there have been 9 named storms in the Atlantic and 15 names storms in the Pacific since the official start of the hurricane season.
That is not normal.
In fact, one veteran meteorologist has said that he has “NEVER seen so much activity in the tropics”…
Quote :
Far from being the biggest threat facing the US coastline this hurricane season, Florence will be followed by several other storms that rapidly strengthening in the Atlantic. As one veteran meteorologist remarked, “in my 35 years forecasting the weather on TV, I have NEVER seen so much activity in the tropics all at the same time.”
Meanwhile, the biggest storm on the planet is actually in the Pacific Ocean.
Super Typhoon Mangku is a Category 5 hurricane, and it absolutely dwarfs Hurricane Florence…
Quote :
The devastating force of Hurricane Florence is nothing when compared to the category 5 hurricane sweeping over the Pacific Ocean, Super Typhoon Mangkhu.
With winds close to 180mph, the fierce hurricane is feared to land over a mountainous terrain in the northern Philippines on Friday night, before moving over the South China Sea and potentially impacting Hong Kong and Vietnam.
But let’s not minimize the seriousness of Hurricane Florence. It is currently approximately the size of the state of Michigan, and even though it has been downgraded forecasters are still predicting that it will bring up to 40 inches of rain in some areas.
One meteorologist ran the numbers, and he determined that if the current forecasts are accurate the state of North Carolina could end up getting ten trillion gallons of rain…
Quote :
Weather.us meteorologist Ryan Maue crunched some numbers and tweeted that North Carolina’s 7-day rainfall forecast by the National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center would be like getting “a total of over 10 trillion gallons” of rain from Florence. The math was based on the projected state average of 10.1 inches of rainfall for that time span.
Yes, you read that correctly.
Ten trillion gallons of rain.
Needless to say, all of that water is going to cause an immense amount of damage.
Over in Virginia, a top official is warning that “there could be a number of dams that will fail”…
Quote :
In neighboring Virginia, officials with the state’s Department of Conservation and Recreation have identified some 100 dams they are concerned could be at risk, either because of “spotty inspection records” or because they are still being built.
“If we get 20 inches of rain in a relatively short period of time,” Russ Baxter, the department’s deputy director told the WSJ, “there could be a number of dams that will fail.”
As I write this article, some areas along the coast are already getting hammered. Atlantic Beach has received more than 12 inches of rain, and other towns are already inundated with water.
It is going to be a long couple of days for those living along the Mid-Atlantic coast, and there were reports of panic among those making last-minute preparations…
Quote :
A rowdy crowd was shown in a Facebook video shared by an employee from the supermarket off Glenn School Road in Durham Tuesday pushing one another and shouting as they hurried around the store to gather their supplies.
Police officers were even spotted making their rounds around the Walmart to ensure the safety of shoppers.
One officer is seen restraining a young boy as another shopper drops several bottles of water.
This is yet another example that shows that you never wait until the last minute to get what you need.
In the end, the damage to property will be in the tens of billions of dollars, but only a handful of people will probably lose their lives.
Now that the storm has been downgraded, some are even booking rooms along the coast so that they can say that they rode the storm out.
For instance, 53-year-old Barry Freed says that he is sticking around so that he can cross this off his “bucket list”…
Quote :
For Barry Freed, 53, riding out a hurricane was a chance to cross something off his “bucket list.”
Armed with a few sodas, some M&Ms, Doritos and a copy of Moby Dick, the Greensboro resident booked an AirBnB at a condo here.
As skies darkened Thursday and winds whipped up at Waterway Lodge, just off the marina near Wrightsville Beach, Freed admitted he wasn’t really prepared.
“I kind of thought of this impulsively,” he said. “It’s kind of a stupid idea.”
Yes, it probably is a stupid idea, but I admire his courage.
This storm will come and go, and the recovery will take an extended period of time.
But the much bigger story is what is happening to our planet on a larger scale.  These storms are increasing in number and intensity, and that should definitely alarm all of us.[/size]
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Soros and the United Nations have publicly organized this criminal invasion to collapse our border just as they have done in Europe

The Alex Jones Show - SEPTEMBER 13, 2018 

Footage shows heavily armed men pouring into Arizona from Mexico in what looks like a scene out of Red Dawn.

We’re in the thick of the fight, so go to infowars.com/show, get the free app, subscribe to our newsletter and remember, you are the resistance!

Below is the footage of the camouflaged men invading America:



Having problems viewing our live video?

If so, please contact feedback@infowars.com to let us know what issues you’re experiencing and what device you are using.

[size=35]WE’RE IN A FIGHT…
Mass censorship of conservatives and libertarians is exploding. You’ve already seen this with the demonetization and ultimate purge of Infowars and other alternative media outlets by mega-corporations working in tangent to stifle competition. But you are important in this fight. Your voice is important. Your free thought is important. Make no mistake, you are just as important as anyone in the Anti-American establishment.
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PostSubject: Something Huge Is Coming: Rapid Series Of Events Shows Groups Are 'Pulling Out All The Stops' To Manipulate Midterm Elections   Fri Sep 14, 2018 11:57 am


September 13, 2018

Something Huge Is Coming: Rapid Series Of Events Shows Groups Are 'Pulling Out All The Stops' To Manipulate Midterm Elections

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

There is an old idiom "pull out all the stops," which references the use of all the resources or force at one's disposal in order do everything they possibly can to make something happen in the way that they want it to, and a look at some of the news we are seeing this past week, shows us that the media, big tech and liberals (Yes, I know they are all the same thing) are doing exactly that ahead of the midterm elections in order to manipulate the outcome.


A number of seemingly unrelated events are occurring simultaneously which when one takes a step back and looks at them all as a whole, rather than separate occurrences, indicates something huge is coming as we near the midterm elections.

On Wednesday we detailed the flurry of recent attacks against conservatives, online and off, including, but not limited to; The attempted murder of a GOP candidate in California, and;  Rape and death threats against a female conservative writer, forcing her to hide out in her own home. (Read more on that in the ANP article here

Since that article, we have noted another strange form of protest by an unhinged, deranged Las Vegas, liberal professor who thought that shooting himself on school property was a good way to protest President Trump. 

Big Tech Censors #WalkAway Founder: As many know by now there is a new movement that has become huge after a gay hairdresser from New York, Brandon Straka, created a viral video explaining why, after voting for Barack Obama, twice, he walked away from the Democratic party. Thousands started using the #WalkAway hashtag on Twitter to tell their stories of when they too felt the need to #WalkAway from the Democratic and why. 

The media then went into full damage-control mode and started claiming that "Russian bots" were behind the #WalkAway campaign and hashtag.

Then Americans started using video to explain that 1) They are not Russian bots, and; 2) Why they needed to #WalkAway. Powerful testimonials, citing liberal media bias, the violence being perpetrated by the left against MAGA supporters and conservatives, lies they had been told and only discovered them after they started to research on their own and stopped trusting the liberal establishment media.

The movement exploded online and offline and the founder, Brandon Straka decided to organize a #WalkAway March for October, and has been working towards that goal for weeks.

Now big tech has stepped in to prevent Mr. Straka from promoting his rally, with Facebook banning him from promoting his event and his interviews, because he dared promote his own interview with Alex Jones. (Facebook and over a dozen others colluded to block Alex Jones on their platforms, all on the same day in August in one of the most blatant acts of censorship against an entity ever)

Via Daily Dot:

Quote :
Straka said the suspension comes ahead of his planned march on Washington, D.C. and cuts him off from over 180,000 members of his #WalkAway campaign (the #WalkAway Facebook group has just over 76,000 likes).

“I’m devastated right now. WalkAway Campaign is a grassroots movement. We don’t have corporate sponsors. We don’t have backers. We are raising the money and the awareness for our event ourselves. We use GoFundMe to raise money. And today Facebook took away my ability to communicate with the 180,000 members of the campaign leading up to the March,” Straka told right-wing outlet the Gateway Pundit.

“This is going to smash my ability to provide information, answer questions, raise money, and rally with my people,” he continued.


Note: One does not have to agree with Alex Jones to be disturbed by the coordinated censorship and the deliberate attempts to limit his online visibility, because big tech disagrees with his messaging and his opinion. The banning of Straka for nothing more than promoting his own interview regarding his #WalkAway movement is even more blatant as big tech attempts to prevent more Democrats from awakening to his message and perhaps deciding to #WalkAway themselves.

Reddit Joins Big Tech In Censoring: In another act of blatant censorship, from an unexpected source and unrelated to Straka and the #WalkAway movement, we see a number of coordinated media reports about Reddit banning a QAnon subreddit

Disclaimier: While we at ANP do not report on the mysterious Q messages, we do watch, observe and research them as we do everything else, and whether the unknown person is what they call a "LARP" (Live action role-player) or someone really in the know, is of no consequence to the main point.

The point is censorship, preventing a large number of people, and this Q-person has a huge following, even if many do not subscribe to the belief that he/she is anything more than someone pretending to be "in the know."

When dozens of liberal establishment media outlets coordinate to report on the same story, all within hours of each other, there is always something afoot.

Looking into it, we now see that not only was that one subreddit banned for violating content policies, but every Qanon-related subreddit has now been banned on Reddit, including:


Now when you click any one of those subreddits, the message on the screen states "This community has been banned," and as of this writing, they all say "Banned 20 hours ago," meaning they did a sweeping ban, (censored) all subreddits at the same time, for supposedly violating their content policy.

Just as I said about the coordinated ban against Alex Jones and InfoWars, one does not have to agree with them, nor believe in all their theories or messaging, to be abhorred by the blanket ban of discussion on any topic or person that others wish to discuss online.

Twitter Declares Legal Term 'Illegal Alien' To Be 'Hateful Content: The definition of "illegal alien" is "a foreigner who has entered or resides in a country unlawfully or without the country's authorization. The DHS definition of terms also defines the word "alien" as "Any person not a citizen or national of the United States."

It appears Twitter doesn't care about proper terminology, nor legal terminology, as the Center of Immigration Studies has now been blocked from promoting any post that includes the term "illegal alien," as described in a recent set of tweets explaining Twitter's censoring of their posts.

Via their Twitter account on September 11, 2018: "1/ Twitter is not allowing us to promote any tweets including the phrase "illegal alien(s)", citing it as Hateful Content. However, the phrase "illegal aliens" has been used in both federal law and by the Supreme Court."

"2/ From Arizona v. United States (2012): "There is no reason Arizona cannot make it a state crime for a removable alien (or any illegal alien, for that matter) to remain present in Arizona. https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/11pdf/11-182b5e1.pdf"

"3/ Title 8 of the United States Code, Section 1365: "The Attorney General shall reimburse a State for the costs incurred by the State for the imprisonment of any illegal alien or Cuban national who is convicted of a felony by such State" - https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/8/1365

"4/ US District Court Judge Andrew Hanen, 2015: "There is a certain segment of the population that finds the phrase ‘illegal alien’ offensive. The court uses this term because it is the term used by the Supreme Court in its latest pronouncement pertaining to this area of the law."

"5/ Code of Federal Regulations: "Illegal alien means any person who is not lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States or who has not been authorized by the Attorney General to accept employment in the United States." - https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/29/500.20

According to their press release on this subject, CIS.ORG, provides Twitter's response to them when they inquired why the tweets were rejected, was:

Quote :
"We've reviewed your tweets and confirmed that it is ineligible to participate in the Twitter Ads program at this time based on our Hateful Content policy. Violating content includes, but is not limited to, that which is hate speech or advocacy against a protected group."

Google Leaked Video Shows Employee Snowflakes Melting Down After 2016 Election: Last but not least, Google the "biggest" of big tech, is reeling from a leaked video that Breitbart published showing Google employees, crying, group hugging and bemoaning the loss of their favored candidate, Hillary Clinton after the 2016 presidential election.

Some key moments Breitbart describes from the video shown below:

Quote :
(00:01:12) Returning to seriousness, Brin says he is “deeply offen[ded]” by the election of Trump, and that the election “conflicts with many of [Google’s] values.” (00:09:10) Trying to explain the motivations of Trump supporters, Senior VP for Global Affairs, Kent Walker concludes: “fear, not just in the United States, but around the world is fueling concerns, xenophobia, hatred, and a desire for answers that may or may not be there.”

(00:09:35) Walker goes on to describe the Trump phenomenon as a sign of “tribalism that’s self-destructive [in] the long-term.”

(00:09:55) Striking an optimistic tone, Walker assures Google employees that despite the election, “history is on our side” and that the “moral arc of history bends towards progress.”

(00:10:45) Walker approvingly quotes former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s comparison between “the world of the wall” with its “isolation and defensiveness” and the “world of the square, the piazza, the marketplace, where people come together into a community and enrich each other’s lives.”

(00:13:10) CFO Ruth Porat appears to break down in tears when discussing the election result.

(00:15:20) Porat promises that Google will “use the great strength and resources and reach we have to continue to advance really important values.”

(00:16:50) Stating “we all need a hug,” she then instructs the audience of Google employees to hug the person closest to them.

(00:20:24) Eileen Naughton, VP of People Operations, promises that Google’s policy team in DC is “all over” the immigration issue and that the company will “keep a close watch on it.”

(00:27:30) Sergey Brin praises an audience member’s suggestion of increasing matched Google employee donations to progressive groups.

(00:34:40) Brin compares Trump voters to “extremists,” arguing for a correlation between the economic background of Trump supporters and the kinds of voters who back extremist movements. Brin says that “voting is not a rational act” and that not all of Trump’s support can be attributed to “income disparity.” He suggests that Trump voters might have been motivated by boredom rather than legitimate concerns.

(00:49:10) An employee asks if Google is willing to “invest in grassroots, hyper-local efforts to bring tools and services and understanding of Google products and knowledge” so that people can “make informed decisions that are best for themselves.” Pichai’s response: Google will ensure its “educational products” reach “segments of the population [they] are not [currently] fully reaching.”

(00:54:33) An employee asks what Google is going to do about “misinformation” and “fake news” shared by “low-information voters.” Pichai responds by stating that “investments in machine learning and AI” are a “big opportunity” to fix the problem.

(00:56:12) Responding to an audience member, Walker says Google must ensure the rise of populism doesn’t turn into “a world war or something catastrophic … and instead is a blip, a hiccup.”

(00:58:22) Brin compares Trump voters to supporters of fascism and communism, linking the former movement to “boredom,” which Brin previously linked to Trump voters. “It sort of sneaks up sometimes, really bad things” says Brin.

Read more at Breitbart.

RelatedNolte: New York Times Covered Up Google Tape’s Most Newsworthy Details

Warning: Hour-long video, and many readers will need many breaks, especially after the pathetic  "group hug" so everyone can feel better after seeing Clinton lose.


While the leaked Google video gives us great insight as to big techs obvious, unfiltered bias, the increased violence against conservatives, along with the coordinated efforts to prevent any message or opinion that these tech and social media giants do not approve of from becoming viral or spreading to others, makes it all the more important for readers to share what they find important, whether on social media, or via email to their contacts lists, or in comment sections or chat forums, etc.... 

They have ramped up all lines of attacks against Independent Media and conservative messaging to prevent open and free discussions online.

Bottom line here is that if these tech companies and social media platforms are getting so blatant in their open censorship, something huge is coming because they feel the ramifications later are not as important as manipulating the upcoming midterm elections.
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PostSubject: DEEP STATE: John Kerry Held Meetings With Iran – Advised Them To ‘Wait Out’ Trump Presidency   Fri Sep 14, 2018 12:07 pm


DEEP STATE: John Kerry Held Meetings With Iran – Advised Them To ‘Wait Out’ Trump Presidency

 by Aleister September 13, 2018 

Former secretary of state and failed Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry has been trying to salvage Obama’s awful Iran Deal – by going around the Trump administration and holding meetings with Iran. Who elected Kerry?

FOX News reports:
Quote :
John Kerry slammed for ‘shameful’ shadow diplomacy after admitting to meetings with Iran
Former Secretary of State John Kerry is being slammed for conducting shadow diplomacy with Iran after admitting to multiple meetings with Iranian officials behind the backs of the Trump administration — including over the scrapped nuclear deal.
An administration official on Thursday told Fox News Kerry’s meetings are “shameful,” pointing out what Iranian-backed militias are doing to kill and injure people in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.
Other Republicans suggested it may not even be legal.
“John Kerry is out giving advice to Iran about how to maneuver around what Donald Trump is doing, it’s insidious,” Ari Fleischer, the former White House press secretary for George W. Bush, said Wednesday on Fox News’s “Special Report.” “I don’t know if it’s legal or illegal, I don’t care about that side of it. It’s wrong.”…
Later Wednesday, during an appearance on Fox News’ “The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino,” Kerry did not deny the suggestion he’s telling the Iranians to wait out Trump until there is a Democratic president again.
“I think everybody in the world is talking about waiting out President Trump,” said Kerry, who ran unsuccessfully for president in 2004 and who has not ruled out a 2020 bid.
As Ari Fleischer points out in the video below, Kerry had no business doing this:
Quote :
.@AriFleischer: "If John Kerry is out giving advice to Iran about how to maneuver around what @realDonaldTrump is doing, it's insidious." #SpecialReport https://t.co/YyLR18NXBQpic.twitter.com/ZS5OI8eDev
— Fox News (@FoxNews) September 12, 2018
Michael Rubin of the Washington Examiner says Kerry deserves jail for this:
Quote :
John Kerry deserves jail for secret Iran diplomacy
In a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt, former Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that he’s been working behind-the-scenes to salvage the Iran nuclear deal. “What I have done is tried to elicit from him what Iran might be willing to do in order to change the dynamic in the Middle East for the better,” he explained. Kerry’s backchannel with Iranian Forei12.8KShare219TweetEmailgn Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif has not been a one-time deal. “I think I’ve seen him three or four times,” Kerry said, and acknowledged that his talks were occurring without the Trump administration’s approval.
Perhaps Kerry believes he is not violating the Logan Act of 1799 which states that: “Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

What would have happened if someone from the Bush administration decided to go around Obama in this way while he was president?
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PostSubject: Re: C SPRING'S SEPT.-14 = A Record 7 Named Storms Are Swirling Across The Globe & BORDER INVASION !!! &   

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C SPRING'S SEPT.-14 = A Record 7 Named Storms Are Swirling Across The Globe & BORDER INVASION !!! &
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