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 UPDATE: More 2012 Confirmation, Time/Distance, Google Earth

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PostSubject: UPDATE: More 2012 Confirmation, Time/Distance, Google Earth   Fri Feb 15, 2013 10:01 am

UPDATE (2/13/10): Here's a closer look at the TM-Sync Point. It is on the coast
of Georgia, but I don't think that's significant, per se (it is about 50 miles
north of Jekyll Island - so I don't think there's a connection there). I think
the significance lies in the symbolism, ie - "Where the Temple Mount Meets
America"; -or- "An American Version of The Temple Mount". So the symbolism more
than the what is actually at the location.

as a reminder of my previous post, as the real Temple Mount is 539 sm from the actual Babylon, so is this
"American Temple Mount" Sync point the same distance from the Washington
Monument (representative of America, IOW - Second Babylon):


More 2012 Confirmation via the Time/Distance
Correlation on Google Earth, AND THIS ONE'S A BIGGIE:

As David pointed
out in Temple At The Center Of Time, YEAR 5772 is the Jewish Year

We continue to find confirmation of this year ENCODED IN THE

Look at all the themes connected here in
one picture: TEMPLE MOUNT
LATITUDE/AMERICA, PATMOS/BABYLON, (where John prophesied of the fall of the
second Babylon system of the last days), AND 2012. HE THAT HATH EYES TO SEE, LET

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UPDATE: More 2012 Confirmation, Time/Distance, Google Earth
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