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 ISON WAS the "Comet of the Century".

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ISON WAS the "Comet of the Century". Empty
PostSubject: Re: ISON WAS the "Comet of the Century".   ISON WAS the "Comet of the Century". I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 08, 2013 11:04 pm

Why were ESA/NASA discussing "Telluric Fermented Liquid Organics" at the end of their ISON meeting? The Comet is dead & gone right, burnt up, maybe just staying LATE to discuss the potential impacts from the next comet. If you've ever the pleasure (sarcasm) of attending all day meetings you know that the unpleasant conversation usually occurs at the end when everyone else has been informed they're no longer needed.

 Go read "Planet X" by Doug Ellwell, his explanation is both Biblically based & consistent with why they'd be discussing such things.


Scroll down to agenda item 7

"tel·lu·ric (t-l r k) adj. 1. Of or relating to Earth; terrestrial"

Fermented Liquid Organics -


If Ellwell & others' theory is correct, this thing is dragging back plant &/or animal matter from Earth dating to either just after creation, or the days of Noah; depending on which of the hypotheses is correct.

ISON may be dead as a comet, but there's a superhighway trail of SOMETHING out there right now.
ISON WAS the "Comet of the Century". 5142380-3x2-940x627


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ISON WAS the "Comet of the Century".
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