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 EXCLUSIVE ‘A portal to hell’: Police chief and priest who examined ‘possessed’ children at ‘haunted’ Indiana home

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PostSubject: EXCLUSIVE ‘A portal to hell’: Police chief and priest who examined ‘possessed’ children at ‘haunted’ Indiana home   Tue Jan 28, 2014 7:41 am

EXCLUSIVE ‘A portal to hell’: Police chief and priest who examined ‘possessed’ children at ‘haunted’ Indiana home back official reports and say it’s no hoax, revealing their evidence of evil

on January 28, 2014

  • Latoya Ammons moved into a home with her mother and 3 children in Gary, Indiana in 2011 and started hearing footsteps in the basement
  • Over time, she and her children, aged 12, 9 and 8, became ‘possessed’; their eyes would bulge, they’d shake and growl
  • A clairvoyant said the home was haunted by 200 demons

  • Sons were taken to hospital after one was inexplicably thrown in the house – while there a nurse and a CPS worker saw him walk backwards up a wall
  • Speaking to Mailonline, the town’s veteran police chief, Charles Austin, says he became too afraid to enter the home at night and saw objects moving and recorded scary whispers

  • Catholic priest Father Michael Maginot carried out exorcisms on Ammons and gave Mailonline video footage and audio of strange occurrences in the home

Haunted: Latoya Ammons, pictured, underwent exorcisms after she was ‘possessed by demons’

It is a clear, calm voice – a whisper that cuts across the voices of the Indiana police officers recording proceedings. ‘Hey’ – a simple word rendered chilling because nobody there in the basement that day said it, much less heard it, at the time.

None of the police officers sent to investigate claims of supernatural occurrences, possession and paranormal activity at a modest rental home in Gary, Indiana in spring 2012 really believed this could be anything other than a hoax.

None of them thought that they would be descending into ‘a portal to hell.’

But today that is exactly what Gary, Indiana police captain Charles Austin believes the basement of mother-of-three Latoya Ammons’s former family home contained.

Speaking to MailOnline he said: ‘I came into work on the Monday and asked my sergeant if anything had occurred out of the ordinary over the weekend. He told me that there had been a contact by a party in reference to a house in Carolina Street where the mother was living with three children and her mother, their grandmother.’

Since the news of the possession and exorcism of Latoya Ammons broke, the story has been met with intense skepticism by some and unwavering belief by others. But none can remain unmoved or unsettled by this odd, alarming tale.

Now MailOnline has spoken with the key officials involved both in the investigation at its very beginning and the exorcism in which it culminated. And both men – one of the law, one of the cloth – admit to having followed that same arch of disbelief which steadily gave way to horrified, baffled credence.

When Capt Austin heard of it that Monday afternoon his sergeant told him that Child Protection Services were involved. The children had been missing school and had been removed from their mother’s care but both Latoya Ammons and her mother Rose Campbell insisted that the wrong at the heart of their household was supernatural in nature.

Capt Austin said: ‘The sergeant told me that the children had been missing school and there was talk of satanic goings on. He was very leery of it. I contacted some people, high-ranking officers; we decided to take a look.

‘I walked in there thinking this was nothing but a hoax, a concocted story.’

Instead what he experienced that day in the spring of 2012 shook him to his core, threatened his life and became part of the documented history of one of the most disturbing and baffling cases in Indiana’s police history.

Read more:
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PostSubject: Re: EXCLUSIVE ‘A portal to hell’: Police chief and priest who examined ‘possessed’ children at ‘haunted’ Indiana home   Tue Jan 28, 2014 10:30 am

absolutely fascinating. thanks for the article.

When evil manifests, we are called to defeat it by the Lord Himself!

You can't go to the store and buy a good ear and rhythm.
Les Paul
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PostSubject: Demons Loose In Indiana   Tue Jan 28, 2014 10:36 am

Demons Loose In Indiana

Child Possessed By 200 Demons ‘Levitated’ And Walked Backwards Over Walls In Front Of Hospital Staff

A nine-year-old boy walked backwards up a wall and ceiling as startled medical staff looked on after his mother claimed he and his two siblings had been possessed by demons, according to official reports. The unlikely-sounding event was detailed in official documents after a child services case worker and a nurse both said they saw
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PostSubject: Mother In Indiana Says Her Demon-Possessed Children Were Levitating And “Walking On The Walls   Wed Jan 29, 2014 11:30 am

Mother In Indiana Says Her Demon-Possessed Children Were Levitating And “Walking On The Walls”

 By Michael Snyder, on January 28th, 2014



What would you do if your children were picked up and flung around your house by an invisible force?  What would you do if your children started convulsing while “chanting Satanic verses”?  The things that a mother in Indiana says happened to her children sound absolutely crazy.  For example, she claims that her 9-year-old son walked up a wall and ceiling backwards while under the power of a demon.

  Normally people would just call her a lunatic and dismiss her wild allegations, but an official from child services and a nurse were there and saw it for themselves.  So how are we supposed to dismiss the testimony of those eyewitnesses?  And as you will read about below, that was not the only instance where public officials were able to see for themselves that these children truly were demon-possessed.

The head of the Gary, Indiana police department, Captain Charles Austin, is a believer.  According to the Indianapolis Star, he was skeptical at first but now his skepticism is totally gone…

Quote :
A woman and three children who claimed to be possessed by demons. A 9-year-old boy walking backward up a wall in the presence of a family case manager and hospital nurse.

Gary police Capt. Charles Austin said it was the strangest story he had ever heard.
Austin, a 36-year veteran of the Gary Police Department, said he initially thought Indianapolis resident Latoya Ammons and her family concocted an elaborate tale as a way to make money. But after several visits to their home and interviews with witnesses, Austin said simply, “I am a believer.”

Video from the police department investigation has been released, and it is incredibly bizarre.  A recent Daily Mail article detailed some of the things that the video documents…

Quote :
Throughout the hour-long film officers hear testimony of children picked up and flung against walls and furniture; of adults being ‘choked to death’ by some supernatural force; of a demonic form appearing in different shapes – the shadow of a man, a black looming monster; of an apparition of a withered old lady with red eyes and hood; of a house that bled clear, odorless oil and of the household’s three children convulsing and chanting Satanic verses.

But officers from the police department didn’t just have to rely on the testimony of others.  On visits to the house, they got far more than they bargained for.  The following is more from the Indianapolis Star…

Quote :
That officer also took photos of the house. In one photo of the basement stairs, there was a cloudy white image in the upper right-hand corner. When an officer enlarged the photo, that cloud appeared to resemble a face, Lake County police records state. The enlargement also revealed a second, green image that police say looked like a female.

Austin said photos he snapped with his iPhone also seemed to have strange silhouettes in them. The radio in his police-issued Ford malfunctioned on the way home.

Later, Austin said the garage at his Gary home refused to open, even though the power was on everywhere else.

Austin said the driver’s seat in his personal 2005 Infiniti also started moving backward and forward on its own.

In addition, the officers were able to record some absolutely creepy audio…

Quote :
In a chilling aside, in separate audio recording made by one of the officers as he took pictures while his colleague filmed – audible here exclusively at MailOnline – the two officers’ speech is cut across by a whispered, but clear, ‘Hey.’ Neither said or heard it at the time.

And according to the Blaze, an even more startling event subsequently happened…

Quote :
But that small snippet of audio reportedly wasn’t Austin’s only creepy experience. Some of the pictures he took on his phone while inside the house later disappeared — but before they did, Austin said there were shadowy figures in the photos that weren’t in the room when he took the pictures.

As he was looking through the images on his iPhone after leaving the home, something equally terrifying reportedly happened: A voice appeared on his police car’s AM/FM radio and proclaimed, “You outta here!” amid the static.

For much more on all of this, check out the video posted below…

Unfortunately, we are probably going to see much more of this in the United States in the years ahead.  Right now our society is absolutely obsessed with the occult.  The fastest growing religion in America is witchcraft, and there has been an explosion of books, movies and television shows about witches, warlocks, vampires and werewolves in recent years.  Never before have the powers of darkness been so popular in America.

And it certainly does not help that one of the most popular female musical artists in the entire world just performed an occult ritual on live television in front of millions of her adoring fans.  The following is what I wrote yesterday about Katy Perry’s bizarre performance at the Grammy Awards…

Quote :
Various media reports say that Perry “dressed up as a witch”, and her performance included a Knights Templar cross emblazoned across her chest, a beast with Moloch horns, dancers in dark robes with devil horns protruding from their heads, and pole dancing with a broom.  At the end of the “ceremony”, Perry was “burned at the stake” as the song ended.  All of this hardcore occult symbolism did not get into her performance by accident.  The attention to detail that this performance exhibited shows that someone put a lot of thought and effort into it.  So was Perry actually kidding when she said that she had “sold my soul to the devil” during a television interview a few years ago?  The kind of stuff that Perry is doing now is not for amateurs.  She is either working with someone who is deep into the occult or she is deep into it herself.

Of course a lot of people were absolutely horrified by this.  The following is what Christian singer Natalie Grant had to say…

Quote :
“We left the Grammy’s early. I’ve many thoughts, most of which are probably better left inside my head. But I’ll say this: I’ve never been more honored to sing about Jesus and for Jesus. And I’ve never been more sure of the path I’ve chosen.”
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PostSubject: Re: EXCLUSIVE ‘A portal to hell’: Police chief and priest who examined ‘possessed’ children at ‘haunted’ Indiana home   Wed Jan 29, 2014 12:21 pm

OK, I'll just come right out and say it; I smell a rat! The picture of the mother looks like a computer generated image to me. Look at it again and this time look closely at it.

Now on to the levitation stories. You telling me that somebody someplace sometime didn't have a cell phone camera or some other recording device to capture moving video? What we get is a still picture and very easy to photo shop and a bunch of scary stories. I ain't gonna buy it! No way, no how!

The article that said that the police have an hour long film. I wanna see it! I'm not takin' anybody's word on this. Show me some actual proof!

THERE! Now I'm probably in some of y'all's doghouses now so I better start learning to like Kibbles With Bits! Blast away at me if you feel you must.

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PostSubject: Re: EXCLUSIVE ‘A portal to hell’: Police chief and priest who examined ‘possessed’ children at ‘haunted’ Indiana home   Wed Jan 29, 2014 3:29 pm

I don't always believe everything I hear or see either researcher, so I have a good amount of dubiousness too! (Think it's our age, maybe?) Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: EXCLUSIVE ‘A portal to hell’: Police chief and priest who examined ‘possessed’ children at ‘haunted’ Indiana home   Fri Jan 31, 2014 11:15 am

'We almost lost our lives': Woman possessed by demons in 'portal to hell' house that terrified even the police chief reveals new details of her family's terrifying ordeal

  • Latoya Ammons' home in Gary, Indiana is at the hear of one of the most baffling police cases in state history
  • She was 'possessed' along with her three children after moving into home in 2011
  • MailOnline has obtained exclusive audio and video footage from the exorcisms of Ammons

  • She claims children were 'satanic chanting' and saw 'big, black monster'
  • Police audio also features a 'demon' rasping 'hey' in the basement 

  • Sons were taken to hospital after one was inexplicably thrown in the house - while there a nurse and a CPS worker saw him 'glide' backwards up a wall
  • Town's veteran police chief, Charles Austin, says basement is 'portal to hell' and he saw objects moving and shadowy people

  • MailOnline also has obtained picture of 'frozen' finger of DCS worker who touched mystery ooze that was dripping in house. She never returned

  • Catholic priest Father Michael Maginot carried out exorcisms on Ammons in English and Latin and talks of his personal battles with named demons

PUBLISHED: 20:42 EST, 30 January 2014 | UPDATED: 03:18 EST, 31 January 2014

A woman whose horrific experience living in an Indiana home that she and even city police are convinced was a haunted 'portal to hell' has spoken out on her paranormal trauma and what it was like to be a family possessed.

Latoya Ammons says she has seen her own daughter levitate off a bed, her son walk up a wall so effortlessly that even a psychiatrist was at a loss and was herself the victim of demonic possession in what appears to be an average home in the Gary community near where Michael Jackson grew up.

'Me and my mother and my children, we almost lost our lives,' said Ammons, whose undeniably terrifying experience left her chilled to her core and now has an entire nation captivated by her spectral tale.

Scroll down for video...

Terrifying ordeal: 32-year-old Latoya Ammons is speaking out about the demons that held her family hostage in their Indiana home and whose story has now captivated the nation



Ghastly figure: Ammons' ordeal is made all the more believable by her own earnest recounting, the Gary police chief's chilling account of the haunting and an undeniably photo from the police themselves that shows what could well be a ghost in the home's window

Ammons sat with Inside Edition for a deeply earnest interview in which she makes abundantly clear that her ordeal was no Casper the ghost made real.

'This was obviously demons,' she said. 'Not just random spirits. There is a difference.'

Ammons' unwavering eyes speak volumes about how truly real the haunting became for the family.

'I know it was infested with demons. I know that for a fact,' she said. 'I spoke to a good friend of mine, he was clairvoyant. He's in New York. He explained to me what was going on in the house.'

And what was going on was like something out of Polturegeist or The Exorcist. Only those terrible things were truly happening to Ammons and her family.

And Ammons' clairvoyant friend correctly foretold that things would only get worse.
'He told me the house was infested with demons and to get my children out of the house,' she said. 'And if I knew what I was up against, I would run and drop everything.'

A particularly scary bout with the demons had the family rushing to the emergency room as Ammons 9-year-old son was in the grips of possession and Ammons has revealed that even physicians were terrified.

When the family got to the hospital, her son 'walked up the wall and did a backwards flip and threw her into the wall and started headbutting her and they had to grab him and hold him

'The doctor from the psych ward said, "that's not real, that's not human. No human can do what that little boy just did."'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2549165/We-lost-lives-Woman-possessed-demons-portal-hell-house-terrified-police-chief-details-familys-terrifying-ordeal.html#ixzz2rztOGnX6 
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PostSubject: Re: EXCLUSIVE ‘A portal to hell’: Police chief and priest who examined ‘possessed’ children at ‘haunted’ Indiana home   Sun Feb 02, 2014 10:09 am

Two things give this story credibility: first, the quality and type of the witnesses: child protective services personnel, nurses, EMTs, police officers, and especially the Gary, Indiana, police chief who's been on the force for 35 years.

These people have a lot to lose.  If they all get together and write a book, okay, I'll agree that some big conspiracy occurred, but I think that's less likely than the haunting itself.

Also, the priest who got involved and actually performed exorcisms.  This isn't easy; the Catholic Church is loath to involve itself in this sort of thing lightly.  It must be proven that other causes such as mental illness, or desire for attention or profit have been ruled out.  The local bishop would have done everything possible to not get involved in a media circus.

Secondly, there is precedence for this kind of haunting in the U.S. and in Britain.  The Bell Witch haunting was similar and included many witnesses including Andrew Jackson.  But more recently, the Enfield poltergeist in Enfield, a northern suburb of London.  The primary witnesses for these phenomena beside the family were police officers.  I like this story because it shows that the kids also played practical jokes on some of the investigators, so one can see human tricksters in contrast to supernatural tricksters.  



I'm not saying that anything supernatural happened in Gary, Indiana.  What I am saying is that it is as big a mistake to brush this off out of hand as it is to instantly believe it.  It deserves investigation.
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PostSubject: Re: EXCLUSIVE ‘A portal to hell’: Police chief and priest who examined ‘possessed’ children at ‘haunted’ Indiana home   

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EXCLUSIVE ‘A portal to hell’: Police chief and priest who examined ‘possessed’ children at ‘haunted’ Indiana home
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