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 The word "Revelation" marking time of Christ's return `by Newton2012

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PostSubject: The word "Revelation" marking time of Christ's return `by Newton2012   Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:08 pm


This is how the word "Revelation" Is written in the Greek of the New Testament.

The number value of these letters is below:

The total value of the word "Apocalypsis" in Greek:

? 1
? 80
? 70
? 20
? 1
? 30
? 400
? 700
? 10
? 200
= 1,512[/size]

512 divided by PI = 481

1,512 x 2 = 3,024

481 and 3,024 are the height and the perimeter of the Great Pyramid in feet

3,024 is the number of biblical 360 day years between the dedication of the 1st temple in 962/963 BC and 2018/2019 AD.

3,024 is the difference between the perimeter of the Temple Mount and the perimeter of the raised platform in the Temple Mount.

1,512 / pi is exactly 481.284, this in inches is 5775.4145 or on the Jewish calendar at the beginning of 2015.

For those that know their bible history, here is another find:

Jerusalem was destroyed in 586/587 BCE by Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylonia. This event was prophesised by Ezekiel (24: 1-27) while in exile in the city of Nippur in Babylonia, itself 586/587 miles from the Temple mount.

The name Jerusalem at the time was spelled with Phoenician letters:

40 30 300 6 200 10 = 586

This shows that the gematira (number value of the Hebrew letters) of the name Jerusalem itself equals the year of its destruction in the years before Christ, the very first time the temple was destroyed.

After the Jews were exiled in Babylonia, they adopted the square script Aramaic letters of their captors, still in use today.

These letters add 5 "final forms" to the Phonician 22 totalling 27 letters.

When Jerusalem is spelled using these letters, the final form of the letter (Mem) is used.

The final 'Mem' makes the modern spelling of Jerusalem equal to 365 x PI.

This is the same as the value of the word 'Leviathan'.

It is known in Hebrew esotericism that Leviathan represents the Milkyway and the cycle of the 'Aion' that Jesus spoke of concerning his return. This present Aion will end in 2012 as the sun rises on the winter solstice in the 'mouth' of the connected serpent, (the literal translation of levi-tan) in 2012.

The Tetragrammaton, the 4 letter name of God, equals 26.

Previous posts of the distance of Bethlehem from the Temple mount show the value of PI redundantly.

This distance is PI times itself (9x).. "thanks for pointing this out Smile

This same number, '29809.09933 divided by the value of God's name '26' equals again 1,146.

The cycle of time of God's plan for the world has been set from the beginning... anchored to His name and the symbols and coordinates in time and space of His only begotten Son.

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The word "Revelation" marking time of Christ's return `by Newton2012
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