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 Temple platform 2012 measurement *updated* by Newton 2012

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PostSubject: Temple platform 2012 measurement *updated* by Newton 2012   Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:13 pm

This is the best I can do with Google earth, not perfectly exact but close. The measurement is only the platform and not the stairs leading to it at the south. There is more...

There are several surveys of the temple mount but the one I am working with is from the Jewish virtual library. Since I already measured the perimeter of the temple platform, I decided to also measure the perimeter of the temple mount itself. According to their information it is:
910 ft. south 1020 ft. north 1530 ft. east 1578 ft. west = 5038 total

My measurement with google earth also found 5038 ft. a reasonable perimeter.

So now we have two numbers outright, 2012.9 and 5,038. There is obviously great significance to the 2012 ft. perimeter of the temple platform, but what of the 5,038ft. of the temple mount?

The answer is the 'difference' between these numbers...3,025.

3,025 is the perimeter of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

5,038 - 2012.99 = 3,025

Quote :
In the early Egyptian system of measure the Great Pyramid was considered to have a base
perimeter of 3025 feet (55 squared) instead of 3024 feet.

This method of reading the Great Pyramid required the symbolic elongation of each side by 3 inches. When an "11" series diameter is converted to a circle, the diameter will create a sexagesimal circle that is divisible by 360-degrees and was at the basis of the 16500 feet League or 5280 feet mile, used
in positional plotting at sea by ancient navigators. This system of navigation is symbolically
inferred within the dimensions of the Great Pyramid and was once marked into the
circumnavigating paving slabs at the bottom of the pyramid. To use this system, the base length
of the Great Pyramid would have been viewed as 756.25 feet instead of 756. This would mean that
1/2 a minute of equatorial arc (one circuit of the Great Pyramid) was viewed as being 3025 feet
under the "11" system instead of 3024 feet under the "6&7" system.

The difference between the Temple Mount and temple platform (perimeters) mark the year of dedication of the 1st temple of Solomon in 962 BC. until the year 2016. This is because there are 3,025 (360 day years) between these two points in time.

The Great Pyramid also shows the year of Solomon's first temple in 962 BC and the year 2016 AD
By dividing the perimeter of the Great Pyramid by PI, its height can be determined.

3,025 / PI (3.14159265...) = 962.8 "equal to the year Solomon dedicated the 1st temple"

Half 962.8 is 481.4

481.4 ft. in inches is 5776,the total height of the Great Pyramid & also the Jewish calendar year for 2016 AD.

Another way to look at it is that a circle 3,025 ft around has a diameter of 962 ft across.

The Pyramid has these dimensions.

Returning to the 2012 perimeter of the temple platform...

The Jewish calendar year for 2012 AD is 5773.

5773 inches is 481.0833 ft
481.0833 x 2 = 962.166
962.166 x PI = 3022.735

3022.735 + 2016 = 5038 (back to the perimeter of the temple mount).

It appears that the years of destiny have been recorded redundantly in the temple's location in time and dimension. Because this year has not seen the temple covenant, 2012 seems to be looking like THE year.

large image: [Only admins are allowed to see this link]

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Temple platform 2012 measurement *updated* by Newton 2012
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