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 UPDATE: Washington Monument, Babylon, Time/Distance

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UPDATE: Washington Monument, Babylon, Time/Distance Empty
PostSubject: UPDATE: Washington Monument, Babylon, Time/Distance   UPDATE: Washington Monument, Babylon, Time/Distance I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 15, 2013 9:55 am

UPDATE (2/11/10):

Just wanted to re-post with these two images juxtaposed
for clarity of significance. I think the correlation is obvious (and, may I say,
meant to be so...).

And again, as Newton mentioned in his "Revelation
Key" post (,
1008 is quite significant, and is the sum
of the statute and nautical miles of this distance, 539 and 469, respectively.

UPDATE: Washington Monument, Babylon, Time/Distance 4348715317_e48a976224

UPDATE: Washington Monument, Babylon, Time/Distance 4348698977_7de516a131


By now we know the Unites States of America will play a vital role
in end-time prophecy, being the Babylon system of the last days. God is now
confirming this to His people, through the Time/Distance revelation, as we come near to
the end of the church age.

The amazing revelations continue to pile up.
As revealed in the picture below, if we extend a line southward from the Washington Osiris Obelisk (a.k.a. - Washington
to a point on the east coast of America that is on the same latitude as
the Temple Mount,
we see some amazing things pop out.

distance is redolent of all these themes: Temple Mount, Babylon, 539,
Washington Monument, 77, and 2016.

These themes are encoded in the very
existence of our country

The 539 is resonant of Babylon, having fallen in 539 BC, and also of the distance to Babylon from the Temple Mount (albeit in nautical miles, whereas
here it is expressed in statute miles). 539 is also "in the family" of 77, thus further synchronistically connecting
it with Washington DC, which is at 77 degrees west longitude.

Notice also
that it is 469.00 nautical miles. Did a
little number crunching and found out that adding 469 to 539 equals 1008, which is half of 2016!

Not only that, but it is 1008 statute miles from that Sync Temple Mount Point on the east coast to
the northern border of the US, through Washington DC, as indicated by the second
picture. Again, these themes are encoded in the very existence of our

A picture may be worth a thousand
words, but God is speaking VOLUMES to us today, if we have eyes to see.

UPDATE: Washington Monument, Babylon, Time/Distance 4316665405_a5762c1840

UPDATE: Washington Monument, Babylon, Time/Distance 4334434101_1343a49805
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UPDATE: Washington Monument, Babylon, Time/Distance
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