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 Nesara Gesara-is it real

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PostSubject: Nesara Gesara-is it real   Nesara Gesara-is it real I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 22, 2021 11:45 am

I do think I got a nod a little while ago that yes it is real.
This poster has seemed to legitimately have insider news.
And this would be in OPPOSITION to the NWO. 
So, here we go~




Regarding Nesara. I have copies of the the rollout signed off by Donald at the Hague. The rollout is done in phases. The U.S. is #74 on the list in Phase 2. The 72 above us had a much more life or death need for funds. Releases are done in order by humanitarian need.

The documents are Top Secret due to who is placed where so I can't drop them here. I just want you to know that 209 countries really did sign off and it is signed, sealed and delivered. Nothing will stop release.

Nesara Gesara-is it real FCR8BYTWUBcSuu-?format=jpg&name=large

Fed reserve was merged into gov treasury in March last year and then bankrupted, Nesara was designed to replace the illegal fed reserve.
(me: I have heard the Fed is dead too, but just hint-drops, not 'proofs'.
BUT, it's coming together. We really are close to the end, ready to start
the 'New beginning'. We will all probably faint when we see ALL that's
already happened-and we really knew nothing of it.)

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Nesara Gesara-is it real
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