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 Chongos – The City of the Dead

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Chongos – The City of the Dead Empty
PostSubject: Chongos – The City of the Dead   Chongos – The City of the Dead I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 13, 2014 8:54 am

Chongos – The City of the Dead

Posted by lamarzulli on January 13, 2014

Chongos – The City of the Dead Pyramid1

Commentary & Analysis
L. A. Marzulli

We headed out to Chongos, the City of the Dead yesterday and were accompanied by the Mayor of Pisco who gave us a police escort to the site!  These pyramids are constructed of adobe and over the centuries have fallen into ruin.  We climbed to the top of one and a had a good view of the entire area. (Note how small the team is next to the pyramid!)

Chongos is the most barren place I have ever visited.  It is a waste-land that stretches for miles and it houses the buried dead of the mysterious and enigmatic Paracas people.  The Juacarro’s—grave robbers—have been plundering the tombs that lie here for the last 500 years.  The Paracas royalty are buried here and there is gold and silver to be found as well as richly embroidered burial clothes, the likes of which have only been duplicated in modernity.

It was windy and very warm yesterday and after saying thanks to the Mayor we headed out to explore on our own.  This is one of the stops we will be making on the May tour! (It’s not to late to sign up!)

Chongos – The City of the Dead Chongos-skull

Chongos is littered with broken bits of pottery and human remains tossed asides from the Juacarro’s.  I was looking over an area that had been plundered and a white dome sticking out of the sand caught my eye.  I bent down and gently brushed the sand from it and this is what I found.  It was a Paracas skull with only one parietal plate and no sagital suture.  The skull on the left is the one with only one parietal.  These two skulls were only partially buried with their skull caps sticking up above the surface.  Is the skull on the left a result of some kind of genetic manipulation?  Were the Paracas people the descendants of one of the Nephilim tribes who fled the promised land during the time of conquest by the Israelites, 3500 years ago?  These are the questions I’m pondering and the reason why I’m on the trial!

Chongos – The City of the Dead Chongos-bowl

Here is a bowl that was laying in one of the open graves.  You can also see part of a tibia—the lower leg bone—at the bottom left of the picture.  Note the broken bits of pottery.

In closing todays post:  The team covets your prayers as we spent several hours in the emergency room yesterday. Brien and Joe both had high blood pressure and were treated.  Joe was having back spasm’s which kept him from starting on the molding of one of the elongated skulls at Sr. Juans Paracas museum.  I believe this wasnot a coincidence!  Please pray!

More to come tomorrow…. L.A.
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Chongos – The City of the Dead
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