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 Washington Monument, Abom. of Desolation, 666, 2012

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Washington Monument, Abom. of Desolation, 666, 2012 Empty
PostSubject: Washington Monument, Abom. of Desolation, 666, 2012   Washington Monument, Abom. of Desolation, 666, 2012 I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 22, 2012 1:02 pm

[size=150]More symbolic/numeric coalescence of prophetic themes via the Time/Distance Correlation:[/size]

There has been much talk lately by David Flynn and Tom Horn about the significance of the Horus/Osiris/Apollo/Washington Monument and its connection to prophecy, 2012, 2016, Secret Societies, etc...

This may throw a few more coals on the fire...

Construction on The Washington Monument began on July 4, 1848 and the building was dedicated on Feb 21, 1885 ( That means its 125th Anniversary was yesterday. (Thought bubble: 125 = 5 x 5 x 5. The Monument is 555 ft tall. Hmm.....)

Somehow, in a strange/interesting/amazing connection, the number 1848 is manifested through the Time/Distance Correlation, connecting the Washington Monument with the themes mentioned in the title of the post:

[size=150]The Beast, Abomination of Desolation, 666, 70th Week - Midpoint, and 2012.[/size]

If we connect the WM to the 2012 point in Africa I've mentioned in previous posts, which itself is 1,776 nautical miles from the Temple Mount (, the distance is 4,179 sm.

Washington Monument, Abom. of Desolation, 666, 2012 4379899536_47260d4b35

If we subtract out the date of the "birth" of the WM, 1848, from the segment, the remaining number, 2331, is 666 x 3.5. This seems to be an amazing "coincidence" (although I confess my doubt of anything being coincidence anymore...).

The 666 of course reminds us of the first Beast of Revelation 13:18, and the 3.5 reminds us of the midpoint of the 70th week of Daniel, when the Beast commits the Abomination of Desolation, setting himself up as God in the Temple.

Now the other end of the measurement, as mentioned, is the 2012 point in Africa. This seems to be implying some connection between the AOD and 2012. But at this point it's impossible that 2012 will be the 3.5 year midpoint of the 70th Week, so maybe the idea here that God intended (and only He could make all this work out) is that these themes are all connected symbolically. So maybe 2012 is the end of this age, with 2013 being the beginning of the 70th week, and 2016 the 3.5 year midpoint?

We'll have to wait and see, but the evidence (circumstantial in the eyes of some, more than cirucumstantial in the eyes of others) is mounting that the 70th Week may indeed be near.

Washington Monument, Abom. of Desolation, 666, 2012 4379754976_48dce05c65

We see what we get if we take 666 x 3.5; namely, 2331. It necessarily begs the question, "Now what happens if we make a full "7 years" of 666; IOW, 666 x 7?" Double the 3.5 segment and get 4662.

I wanted to see what the difference was between 4179 and 4662. So....

4662 - 4179 = 483.

That's interesting. 483 = 7 x 69, the amount of time already expired in Daniel's 70 Week Prophecy.
That seems to be another indicator again of a time/distance correlation between all these concepts.

Washington Monument, Abom. of Desolation, 666, 2012 4380195986_f5fba3a15e

For larger versions, see here:
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Washington Monument, Abom. of Desolation, 666, 2012
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