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 Deep State vs. the Republic- Your Life Depends on Who Wins

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PostSubject: Deep State vs. the Republic- Your Life Depends on Who Wins   Wed May 24, 2017 12:35 pm


The Deep State vs. the Republic- Your Life Depends on Who Wins


Attorney General Jeff Sessions Is Leading the Fight Against the Deep State. The Battleground Is Child Sex Trafficking.

It has long been my contention that the Deep State is mired in three crimes that defines the essence of it existence and these crimes are (1) drug trafficking, (2) gunrunning to terrorists and, (3) child-sex-trafficking. The one crime that would arouse the public and demand criminal prosecution would be the latter.
What’s wrong with America, in large part, is the Deep State. The way to unravel the Deep State and protect the Trump Presidency is to expose the organized pedophilia of the Deep State. To that end, Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General is a man on a mission.
This is article is a dot connecting exercise where I will summarize where Sessions/Trump are at with regard to this war on America’s underground government.

The Sessions’ Crusade

Attorney General Jeff Sessions penned a memo to federal prosecutors in early May of 2017 ordering them to stop seeking lenient sentences for drug/sex offenders and instead seek “the most serious, readily provable” charges that will result in maximum incarceration.
It marked a reversal from the very modest reforms made under the Obama administration, and it delivers a clear signal that the Department of Justice will be ramping up policies that contribute to mass incarceration. The United States already leads the world in prison population and this approach is expected to greatly increase the lead. Yes, that is correct, the US has more prisoners than Communist China and that population is about to grow to an ever-higher level.

Jeff Sessions, A Man On a Mission

In his first 28 days in his present office, the Attorney General prosecuted and incarcerated 1,500 child sex traffickers. This was something that certainly went unreported at CNN as they were no doubt licking their wounds. And what has been the result of these prosecutions? The organized criminal element which rules the Deep State is adopting a CIA/Mafia approach to solving the problem of criminal exposure.
Jeff Sessions reminds me a of Bobby Kennedy (RFK). RFK went after organized crime with a vengeance after decades of the FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover, a proven pedophile, denied there was any such thing as organized crime.  RFK’s reign of terror against organized crime (eg Jimmy Hoffa) came to an end with the assassination of RFK’s brother, President John F. Kennedy. Mark Twain once said something about the fact that history may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme. There can be no doubt that Sessions and Trump are on very dangerous ground. As Sessions, on behalf of Trump, pursues the most prominent and notorious criminals inside of the Deep State, one has to be concerned about the life-span of both men.

Anthony Weiner’s Lifespan

As disgusting as the former Congressional pervert’s crime was, Anthony  Weiner received a very long sentence of 27 months in prison. This is far and above what others, convicted of the same crime would have received. Why was Weiner singled out?
Weiner was singled out because he has dead-man switches all around the country with emails containing damning information on people that he is afraid of. Who is Weiner afraid of?  Well, his soon-t0-be former wife, Hillary Clinton’s most trusted confidant, Huma Abedin, knows where all the bodies are buried and she has her stash of emails as well. Two weeks ago, I published a story in which I revealed that Weiner and Abedin were going to turn state’s evidence, presumably against Clinton and Podesta.  Apparently that strategy fell apart as Weiner is willing to take his chances in prison and Abedin is distancing herself from Weiner by filing for divorce.

Who Is Weiner Protecting?

In response to the Wikileaks emails provided by Seth Rich, John “the pizza man” Podesta promised to “make an example of the leaker”. He did, Seth Rich was shot twice and died under mysterious circumstances at the hospital. First, this blows the Russian of the DNC emails story out of the water with  Podesta’s actions and words. And shortly after Podesta’s smoking gun words, Seth Rich, the leaker, is dead.
Give Weiner credit, he has correctly assessed the threat to his life and he is taking his chances in prison.  This is why he received such a poor plea deal because he will not roll over on Podesta and Clinton. I predict that Weiner will never leave prison alive and his 27 months of scheduled incarceration gives Podesta’s cleaners ample time to track down and cover his evidence. Sometimes I wonder if the Clinton Foundation has the same power as the FBI.
The Common Sense Show has previously established the fact that Huma Abedin has family members who are a part of the Muslim Brotherhood. Her divorcing Anthony Weiner sends a clear signal, that her allegiances to Clinton and the Brotherhood remains in place. In short, she is bargaining for her life.
This is a disturbing development for Sessions because it signals that the Deep State’s deep secrets, regarding this heinous crimes will remain a secret from the courts and the general population for the time being.

The Latest Development

There are reporters with conscience, not many, but there are some. Jack Posobiec is such a reporter. Take a look at the following tweet from reporter Jack Posobiec:
Quote :
“FBI source tells me Comey dropped the Susan Rice unmasking investigation bc it would have implicated himself. Developing
— Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) May 12, 2017“
The Weiner/Abedin angle may have fallen apart for Sessions. However, Comey’s dropping of the Susan Rice case may prove to be another angle for Sessions to pursue.
As already reported on The Common Sense Show, and courtesy of former HSBC Bank Senior VP, John Cruz, we know that former FBI Director, James Comey was on the Board of Directors when HSBC laundered money went into the Clinton Foundation. This may prove to be the smoking gun that brings Hillary down. this brings in Susan Rice and explains why Comey stopped pursuing Rice and her story. If the Independent Media wants to expose more of the criminal underground government of the Deep State, Susan Rice is fertile ground for that investigation.
However, at the end of the day, Susan Rice and Anthony Weiner may all share the same mortician. These are the times that we live in.


On the surface, we have our publicly visible government, our Republic form of government, and as corrupt as it may be, it is preferable to the Deep State.. Much of the public has discovered the shadow government of the Deep State. Only one of these two governments will survive. The revelation of the existence of the Deep State to the public has changed the outcome. If the Deep State prevails, there will no need for the symbolic and elected government. If we , the people, lose, we will see a Deep State that will rival any police state in history and we will surely find out why we have empty FEMA camps all across our country. At this point in time, inaction could prove fatal.

By Dave Hodges|May 24th, 2017|Conspiracy, Featured, Main|0 Comments

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Deep State vs. the Republic- Your Life Depends on Who Wins
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